Sunday, July 24, 2011

We're Gellin'.. Are You?!

Hello Readers! Hope you all had a gorgeous weekend and if you were in the heat wave like we are over here- I hope you were able to avoid it!

One of my favorite brands we carry here at Simon Says Stamp is Viva Decor! They're an arts and crafts company that make products to help you jazz up and design everything from jewelry to cards to home decor.


A really cool product they have that I am SO excited to share with you is called the 3D Glitter Gels! You can spackle it, dab it, stencil it, or model it free hand in order to create your desired effect. It has a special formula to make sure it never looses it's shape once it dries, it's water proof, and weather resistant! Simon Says Stamp is now carrying all of these awesome colors: Bronze, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Gold, Haematite (similar to a dark silver), Holo Iridescent, Ruby, Silver, and Yellow Green. Doesn't that card found on the Pez-A-Doodle blog show the 3D element nicely??

Check out how cool the Dark Blue looked on this normal glass bowl from Viva Decor's Art Gallery. It's instantly transformed into a designer piece! It would be hard for me not to want to glitz and glam up every piece of glassware in my house!

One of my favorite things about this gel is that it's SO easy to get a raised glitter look! The gel keeps it shape like I said, so all you need to do is drag craft knife or craft stick through the gel to get your shape or line! The gel is smooth too- the glitter beads are concealed within it so it's not sharp or rough to the touch.

It makes a cool 3D element when using a stencil too!
It's such a great product that there can be so many uses for.. I just had to share!
Until next time- keep creative!

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