Saturday, August 9, 2008

Simon Wants to Say THANK YOU for Bearing with us!

Thank you for bearing with us! It's been a long road to opening our dot com store: Although the design isn't exactly how we like it yet, we are working on it every day. Thanks for bearing with us through our growing pains!

It's a beautiful Saturday. Seriously, a perfect Summer, not too hot, not too cool day. While my husband and I were driving to to the Hartford Fair (in Croton, Ohio) with our "almost" 1 year old son, I was voicing my frustrations about our web design. I said: "It just doesn't look the way I want it to yet. I wish our customers didn't have to see the store looking less than its best, but we are so busy listing new products that have rolled in the last few weeks, we haven't had time to pretty it up." My wonderful husband just chuckled at me. "You've put in countless hours, thousands of days' work, don't be so hard on yourself. Give it time. Tell your customers how you feel. Let them know it's still a work in progress, that you're working to give the latest designs." So you see, I am giving you a peek into our life at Simon, a peek into how we are constantly trying to evolve - and how even on a beautiful Saturday, Simon is still on my mind. I want you, our customers to know, that even though our little Simon Says Stamp dot com store isn't quite as pretty as I want it to be, we are striving, STRIVING, to offer you a huge variety of the highest quality products in the world. Sometimes, the prettiness of our store gets put on hold while we try to bring fun goodies to you.

So, I want to THANK YOU! THANK YOU for bearing with us! THANK YOU for shopping with us, stopping by, for understanding we are still a work in progress! Our entire team is working every single day to bring you the products that we love! To answer your emails, select new products, gather product information, ship quickly and efficently.

Enjoy these beautiful cards by Lisa Spangler. They are made with Hero Arts' products (featuring BIG OWL Rubber Stamp, and Cardart Flower Thank You Rubber Stamp). The Toadily Yours stamp is by Penny Black. It's all sold in Simon Says Stamp. Thank you for being part of our family!

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  1. You are so sweet to share your thoughts! Thanks for bringing us the best and letting us all know how much you care!

  2. thamks for all you I feel much closer - it's easier to undeerstand who you are and what are your plans, your wishes... :)

  3. I think it's great you've opened the store. I don't feel like it's not preety or not convenient enough. But I understand your feelings about it - being a perfectonist makes your life hard sometimes, I know that myself :) Seeing your passion towards it, I'm sure you'll soon make it as beautiful as you dream it to be.

    And one more thing ... I'm really impressed with your customer service and great product selection.

    All the best to all of you!

  4. Oh my, I am blushing* Thank you ladies for your nice comments. It makes me feel a bit of relief to know that you understand how I am feeling!

  5. We just love you to pieces! No apology needed!

  6. Girl.....I know how hard you work.....and you've done an amazing job so far on the store! Who cares if it isn't as perrrtyyy as you'd like it....some of the BEST places to go aren't very pretty!!! (my favourite restaurant is a tiny little place, very plainly decorated, but MY is the food GREAT!!!) So, my friend, your beauty shines through the store, emails, your blog, etc. so we all KNOW it is a beautiful store from the inside out!!! :)

  7. Chris, You make my heart smile...always. Thank you! I couldn't do it without the help of all the gals on our Simon Team!

  8. Just have to say that your are GREAT, quick response to emails.
    Good luck with your store.

  9. Thanks Elly,
    In operating an online store for 6 years, and the biggest thing we learned is that customers are #1! ;)


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