Monday, September 8, 2008

Inspiration Compliments of Tim Holtz!

Check out Tim Holtz's website!

Here is one of our blogger's favorite inspirations! Don't forget to read our blog from September 1, you may win $100 in Tim Holtz goodies!

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Tag9 "hardware holiday" -
Glossy Accents
Craft Distresser
craft sheet
distress inks: fired brick, peeled paint, brushed corduroy
adirondack metallic paint dabber
mini mister
ink blending tool & foam
stamp set
texture hammer
tag and embellishments


step 1: stamp the santa image with black waterproof ink.


step 2: stamp the tree with peeled paint distress ink. (*tip: to create a collage look, stamp your image off of the edge of the tag.)


step 3: stamp the "believe" stamp with fired brick distress ink - overlapping the other images.


step 4: using the ink blending foam and tool, apply color to areas of the tag.


step 5: drag paper distresser along the edges of the tag.


step 6: ink edges using brown distress ink with ink blending foam and tool to finish background.


step 7: to create hammered hardware for tag, remove 2 hinges from grungeboard elements pack, 1 bookplate, and numbers 2 and 5.


step 8: paint hardware grungeboard pieces using metallic paint dabbers and numbers with black paint dabber - let dry. (*tip: don't forget to attach the grungeboard pieces to the craft sheet with glue dots so they are easier to paint)


step 9: attach metal bump tip to texture hammer.


step 10: place hardware grungeboard shapes on to hammer mat.


step 11: mist painted grungeboard with water. (*tip: whenever you are texturing heavy board, be sure to mist with water first. this will help the thicker materials hold the texture).


step 12: start hammering the piece using firm pressure, but smaller taps - we're not building a house here so don't just bang away on it. (*tip: continue hammering pieces until desired look is achieved. grungeboard will not fall apart when hammered. if you need to re-wet, no problem).


step 13: ink hammered pieces using ink blending foam and tool. (*tip: this will get inks into the crevices your created with the hammer).


step 14: attach brads to tag, and since the texture hammer also works great on metal, make your brads look like old nail heads by tapping on the tops of them to dent them. (*tip: be sure you are working on the hammer mat as it will protect your work surface and provide more resistance to the hammer).


step 15: attach painted numbers with adhesive of choice.

Be Inspired!

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  1. Oh wow this is fantastic, must try it someday. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love the stamps you carry. Those Monkey and Owl ones are just so cute.

  2. I think - it is fabulous :) I love Tim Holtz's ideas, so the tag is just something for me :)

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  5. i hope u dont mind me putting this here but i know u have a link to tims blog on urs. but if u like this tag ladies then u should see all the others. this is a link to '12 tags of christmas' they are so gorgeous. once uve clicked on the link scroll down to where it says categories and they're all in there

  6. oops, heres the link

  7. Thanks for the lesson! I love the distressed look, but had no clue how to achieve it. Great info.

  8. Love the blog! Thanks for letting me know about it on my stamp order.
    I'll stop by often. Love this tute.
    Viv :)

  9. I don't understand the hype on Tim Holtz items, maybe for old pictures in scrapbooks but whatever, I am sure this will be deleted, heaven for bid someone has a negative comment. Not everyone loves the same things.

  10. SSS - I would love to see more behind the scenes photos of the warehouse and what makes SSS (SimonSaysStamp) tick. It's nice to see who is handles are items that we purchase and put a face with the name. Love the personal stuff :-) Cindy

  11. What a fantastic artwork. Thanks for showing the birth of it.

    Love your blog.

  12. I wait my stamp from your store and I try this techniques !! thanks a lot : it's wonderful !!

  13. Oh is this ever COOL! Tim has the best stuff. :-)

    GREAT tutorial, thanks!

  14. Thanks for the great tutorial! It was wonderful to see how this card was born.

  15. Woow what a great tag. I love it. Looks really wonderful :)
    Thanks for showing us the great tutorial!
    Hugs, Moni

  16. AWESOME!!!!!! I love that tag sooooo much!!!!


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