Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Inspiration

Photo from earlier today, these guys are my inspiration. It's my amazing husband and my sweet lil' boy!

I can't forget the man below too! My dad! Photo taken yesterday:

What or who's your inspiration?

Leave a comment and we'll draw a random name tomorrow evening to win some Christmas Embellishments!

- And the winner is......CONGRATS DORIS! Email me your add so we can ship out your Christmas Embellishments for ou to play with!

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  1. Hello Heidi, my inspiration´s are Sarah *07.June 2008 and Tobias
    *24.January 1999

  2. my inspiration? my friends and family, I usually create something for them :)

  3. Hello Heidi!
    I've got many-many inspiration.
    5 guys (my husband and 4 son) and 1 little princess. :-))

  4. :)) My inspiration's are 2 sons and 1 daughter. And my husband. :P

  5. Oh I can see how they inspire you. My inspiration is my wonderful hubby, who supports me in this crazy passion of mine.

  6. Hi Hidi, my inspiration`s there is my beautiful daughter Zuzia. She recently finished the first year.
    Here is one of my works with her photo.

    And a few sides from the album:

    Zuzia is entire with our world.

  7. My inspirations are my 3 beautiful children and my Soldier/Husband!
    W/O them My life wouldnt be complete nor would I have so much to scrapbook about! LoL

    Looks like You have a Beautiful Family yourself Heidi!!

  8. My inspiration comes from my boyfriend, who taught me how to love unconditionally. =)

  9. My 4 wonderful kids are my inspiration. Also my Mom!

  10. My inspiration comes from seeking out the good in others. I try to find beauty in everyone (even those who make me feel crazy). It always inspires me to try and be a better person. This in turn makes me happy to craft!

  11. Gorgeous photos. Little man gets bigger by the second, doesn't he? :) My inspiration comes from the same area -- my family. All of them in their own way inspire me some how.

  12. My family is OF COURSE one of my greatest inspirations! But mostly my late grandma who always taught me to express my love and emotions through art. And one can ALWAYS give the gift of a smile. Thats why when I make cards, I am making smiles!

  13. My inspiration is all things around me - whether people, nature, things - it comes from where ever I am at the moment. I learned this from the one person who still inspires me today - my Mom - although she's no longer with us, her love of creating still lives on.

  14. well... my inspiration are basically my pets and my boyfriend.

  15. Cute Guys! They look so happy together.

    My inspiration would be my 2 kids but I also love looking on blogs. You guys and gals rock over here! Keep it coming. :)

  16. My inspiration has a mind of its own. I never know when it's going to strike, but it's not usually when I most want it to!

  17. My inspiration is the boys in my life - dh and two sons. Changito stamps put me in a playful mood, too!

  18. Oh man Heidi.....Jax is getting SOOO big and DANG he is CUTE!!!!!!

    My inspirations are mostly the kids in my life - nieces, nephews, friends, cousins, students, etc. Kids inspire me to have fun and create for the heck of it!!!

    When do we get to see a picture of YOU, Miss Heidi???? ;-)

  19. Oops! I goofed on my previous post, I'm so sorry... can you tell I'm new at this? :o)

    My creativity is inspired mostly by the things I see in nature.

  20. I get a lot of inspiration from the daily life with my family. And browsing internet also helps a lot.:)

  21. it's certain that I wouldn't have so much photos to make scrapbook pages with if not my two sons :)
    but a lot of my inspiration comes from the scrapbooking products (stamps, papers) - some of them are sooooooooo beautiful...

  22. CONGRATS DORIS! Email me your addy so I can get out some wonderful Christmas Embellishments for you to play with!

  23. Ohh Heidi,

    I think it is really wonderful that you show there pics. Thank you for letting us know your family :)

    Jay Jay

  24. You have great inspiration:)

    My inspiration is my mood the moment I'm creating something. My children and if i'm scrapping; the picture I'm scrapping.


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