Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sprinkle Some Imagination With Flower Soft!!

I was so excited when Flower Soft arrived at our store!! I fell in love with this product while I was at the CHA show in Chicago during the summer. There are endless possibilites of what you can create with this product. Christmas is right around the corner and Flower Soft has great ideas for making beautiful Christmas cards! Flower Soft will make all of your cards come to life right before your eyes! It is so much fun to use and the finished product will impress everyone. Vintage Christmas, Russet Red, Shamrock Green, Ivory and Sweet Pea are only a few of the many vibrant colors that we carry in our store.

Christmas Tree Card Topper

Just chose a card, apply PVA glue, sprinkle and WA LA! Your card instantly comes to life!

Sweet Pea

Shamrock Green

Ivory. Sprinkle Ivory Flower Soft on your Christmas cards to make snow, snowmen or any other jolly idea!

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  1. Wow!! That's such a gorgeous card!!

  2. a friend used this on a card last week and it looks so gorgeous. u cant help but touch it

  3. WOWZERS!! Gorgeous!! Is it like Fun Flock?? Do you need special glue or any liquid glue will work??

  4. Omigosh, this stuff is practically miraculous!


  5. This stuff is so much fun! It can be used for favorite is seeing it add dimension to an afro in a Halloween card. Just the extra touch the card needed. Great texture for flowers, beautiful dimension on landscapes...possibilities are endless! So fun!!! (catt871 - I think any liquid glue will work. It goes on like glitter would but so much better than glitter! :) )

  6. This stuff looks very cool, but I really need to get some hands on with it I guess. It is similar to glitter yet soft and fluffy? Makes beautiful cards. I have seen a few so far, and love the looks. I wonder how does it hold up in the mail? Maybe something you would want to use for a special "hand-delivered card." :) Kel


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