Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Barack Obama is winning by a landslide

The voting results are just beginning to be tallied....looks like Barack is going to win this thing by a landslide...what do you think?

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  1. Honestly, I hope you are wrong. I don't think the US is ready for his kind of "CHANGE" in the white house, and he scares the bejeezus out of me. I hope and pray I am wrong or McCain wins the election. (maybe I am too forward by saying this or maybe I upset some people, but I worry where this guy gets his money and who is really backing him). Hugs and prayers for us all, Kelly :)

  2. Obama's past is so shady with all of his radical associations/ mentors (which I am so astonished that people seem to easily overlook), and his promises of more taxes don't sit well with me personally. He is a very smooth talker & is fooling many people. People have said they want a 'change' & won't vote for McCain because they think he will be 'another Bush'. What they fail to realize is that Bush didn't make all these these institutions fail...greedy money-hungry companies did (& people that don't know how to handle their money). More & more, people don't want to take responsibility for their own actions...and they want a free ride. Obama has more promises of giving people that 'free ride'...oh, and he has monetary backing from MANY 'international' sources. God help us!

  3. Barack Obama. He's what's best for the United States and the American people.

  4. Down here in Australia - we pretty much all think that anyone would be better than George W Bush - Ernie and Bert from Sesame Street would have done!

    No seriously . . . we hear so much about US elections here - I wonder if anyone know who Australia's Prime minister is?

  5. From Italy, I think the winner will be Obama!

  6. From Spain, i really hope Obama wins!!!

    I think he will be fresh air for The States.


  7. I dont care who president is honestly after teh damage BUSH is did to us (the US)! I just hope that whoever it is knows what kind of job he is getting himself into and can get us back on track..Fixing the economy and getting our guys outta an un-necissary war and whatever other SCREW UPS BUSH CAUSED US ALL!

    God Bless America!!!

  8. God Bless America during these troubled times, but also,
    God Bless us people here on earth as we are all part of one big family

  9. As a white woman that supports Obama, I am so glad he won. To Caroline - I think you need to get educated on Obama...people like you that spread false truths make this country divided. For 8 years Bush has been giving to the rich and taken from the poor. It is time to save the economy, balance the budget and get our foreign relations back to where we are respected. America has spoken!

  10. What this country needs is a person who can lead and inspire people to be better also Americans with a sense of responsibility, did anyone notice how Obama changed his speech? first he said he will tax people earning over 250,000, then he said 200,000 and finally he made up his mind on 150,000. He always changed his mind to please his viewers, (not a good sign in my opinion) We are very quickly to criticize Bush and condemned him. Please be president first do a better job and then condemned him. Let's be realistic, the economy is the way it is because of stupid decisions we as American people have made, let's get off the "I'm entitled" to everything horse, and start working hard and smart and most of all taking responsibility for our own actions. Yes, there where people who definitely took advantage of the uneducated people, and as I always say "what comes around goes around. Lastly and not least, please let's all do research and study before we agree with stupid and ridiculous prepositions on how to save the earth, just because celebrities and politicians talk about it, doesn't mean that they are right or have the slightly idea on how to solve the problem, they are celebrities!!! they are among the most uneducated and radical people in our society. Trust your instincts not the ones whom live in a fantasy world.


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