Monday, November 24, 2008

Penny Black 12 Days of Christmas Stamps Ready to Go!

Are you ready for the 12 days of Christmas!? This Penny Black 12 Days of Christmas Clear Transparent stamp set is sure to delight! It's a wonderful value at just $17.99 in our store:

I just love the idea above! It thinks outside of the box (oops, I mean Tin ;0)

Spending time with my goofy family during the holidays is the best part of it all. One of our favorite activities is to craft. Whether it be making cards, Christmas Tags, Decorating tins for jewelry or gift card boxes, it seems sharing our creative energies helps us get along that much better ;) Do we all have goofy families, or is it just me?

My sister introduced me to rubber stamping 7 years ago. She lived in a little town called Swanton Ohio and had a young baby at home, so stamping was an ideal activity for us to share in together. I was single and childless back then and had so much more free time. Now I realize that stamping and creating is more than fun, it's soul food. Good for the soul, as my hubby says. Stamping and crafting is, as I mentioned before, an excellent way to share family time. Make time to feed your soul this holiday season!

What do you like to do during the holidays with your family? We'd love to hear from you, our blogging "family". Do any of you live near Columbus, Ohio USA? We are having a card making/tag making, craft open house in our warehouse on December 4 and have just 34 more spaces left. Email us if you are interested in joining the party!

The Penny Black 12 Days of Christmas Stamp set is shown above. It is a fun and exciting set to have in your pocket any time of year!

Smiles from Simon Says Stamp!

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  1. I have a VERY goofy family!!!! You are SO right though, crafting is GOOD for the soul - my favourite time to craft is Friday nights, after a long week at work, to just have time to VEG!!! I don't even turn on the radio, I like the peacefulness!!!! GOSH, I wish I lived closer to you - I'd be there on Dec.4 in a heartbeat (but you know that already!!) During the holidays, I love going shopping with my sisters. There are 4 of us, and we have such a blast! This year we took my Mom and my 22 year old niece...I think she thinks we're all nuts!!! LOL

  2. Oh Chris! I wish you lived closer too! You are my sister from another mister! ;)

  3. Sounds like great fun! I craft with my daughter most weekends and we have such a giggle but it's so much more special near Christmas, when we make cards and gifts for the special people in our lives.
    I love these Penny Black stamps btw - they are so detailed and great quality.
    Jen x


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