Friday, November 21, 2008

Prima High Gloss Pebbles are SO PRETTY!


My New Favorite Thing! Have you seen the new Prima Flowers High Gloss Pebbles?

We are very excited to share these unique pebbles with you! Each has a gorgeous high gloss surface and really beautiful dimension. The d
esigns inside the pebbles are just as eye catching and you can use these for the center of your flowers, or in a more unconventional way such as bordering a picture frame or incorporating them into home decor. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, these little embellishments are also self adhesive for easy placement!

Check 'em out! We just listed a bunch of them into our store and they grew wings and are FLYING off of the shelves:
ORBS Galaxy Time Gone By Clocks

Floral Vintage Toys

Butterfly Definitions

BLOG CANDY ALERT! *Tell us how you think these pebbles are best used and we will draw a random winner to win ALL 7 Sets Shown above next week!


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  1. Too Cute!
    These would be great on many things....ATC especially. But also on cards and Scrapbook pages!


  2. Oh man... these are so going home with me! Oh! I mean, I wish these were all going home with me!! LOL!

    I love the time ones, and the sayings, and the butterflies and the vintage toys.. all have a super future spot in my 'wanna be like Tim Holtz' projects!!!

  3. Cute! I think they look also pretty in the middle of a big flower on your lay-out or on your cards.


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  5. ahhhhhhhh...what beauties...I;m on love in clocks, butterflies and sayings - I even see them on my layouts in the cornesrs of my photos, in the middles of prima flowers, composed with laces, swirls and some adhesive gems...well...maybe also some ribbons nad fibers? And with circle flowers too...and ..I know, on my new album "acrylic"and TH themes...well, I've got milions of ideas!!!!

  6. Wow!! These are wonderful! butterflies as centers of big prima flowers :) and clocks in corners of photos or as an accent on cards.. so many ways!

  7. I think the Butterflies would be great on an art quilt.

  8. Love these! I think they'd be great in the center of a flower.

  9. i think these would look great on scrap pages, in the middle of a flower.
    looks fun!

  10. Wow! These are so wonderfull. They would be great in the center of a flower.

  11. I would kill for the "Definitions: ;P

  12. Oh they're gorgeous!! What wouldn't I use these on?? Cards, layouts, flower centers, ATC's, OTP projects - the list goes on! Or maybe just in a funky jar for me to look at lol

  13. I would kill for those definitions too ... These would look fabulous on a canvas or on other altered projects. I lurve them a lot XXX

  14. They are wonderful! Especially Time gone by, Definitions, Butterflies, and Flowers.
    They would give a special touch to the card, as a center of the flower. I imagine how they could be used on the layouts: favourite old family photos in sepia tone, with a bit of laces, rhinestone or mother-of-pearls buttons and "definitions", and "butterflies" would be great with the vintage pictures, some distressed paper...hmmm those endless possibilities...

  15. So cute! I love the butterflies and the times gone by cloks.

  16. lovely! these would be great on album covers or inside albums, maybe on paperweights or some home decor elements:)

  17. Beautiful... I would definitely use dem on the big prima flowers as centers. Will definitely look pretty with dem...

  18. Wowww! New and original pebbles! I would use them in the middle of flowers and tags!

  19. I love the definitions and time gone by. Beautiful!

  20. wow ! what a wonderful buttons :) I will use them as flowers centers and decoration for my keys :)

  21. Hallo,

    ooooh, wie toll.
    Ich würde sie auf karten setzen oder auch scraapbooking.
    ich finde sie wunderschön.
    lg gila

  22. Beautiful! Center of a big flower. Part of a rub on or a big stamp.

  23. I would put them on top of paper circle flowers.

  24. These are very cutetatious! I jsut love these types of fragments, etc. Haven't seen any locally though! Super Cute & Fun1

  25. I can't wait to use these on some birthday cards, they are just that extra pop I was looking for.


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