Friday, December 12, 2008

Simon's BIG OOOPS!

Simon Says Stamp (mostly me) needs to apologize to yoU! I did not realize that Hero Arts wanted us to wait until December 15 to unveil the Brand new Stamp Designs from their 2009 catalog! Therefore, out of respect for Hero Arts, we have taken down the photos we had posted and are making our listings for these items inactive until December 15.

Simply put, we were so excited to get these wonderful new releases out to you (and many of you had been clammering away asking us how soon we would have the stamps available for sale) that we jumped the gun and put them up too quickly.

Again, we are sorry to you and to Hero Arts for our well intentioned mistake!

Be sure to stop back December 15 when we hope to have all of the products back online!


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  1. I did see the post with the stamps and I can image that you where excited to share those, because I love them too, mistakes can happen

  2. We did the same thing in our store too! We have a brick and Mortar in Arizona and put the images online the same day - it was just so exciting to get the new product, easy to "jump the gun" as you said. OH HOW wonderful this 2009 New Hero Arts Catalog is, the best EVER! We love your blog, you gals inspire us! Keep up the good work!
    -Amanda Frye


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