Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Flower Soft

I wanted to talk about Flower Soft because I have been in love with the product since I first saw it demonstrated last summer at the CHA show in Chicago. I don't know that too many have heard of the product, or if they have, are not familiar with how it really works. I am hoping this blog will inspire and show you all how amazing Flower Soft really is!!

Flower Soft allows you to create text, designs and miniature floral embellishments on cards or scrapbook pages. It is a decorative embellishment that can be used for almost any project.

The colors shown are Russest Red, Baby Pink, Spring and Heather. These are only four colors out of the sixteen that we carry in our store. You can choose from Spring, Heather, Russet Red, Christmas Green, Vintage Christmas, Baby Pink, Nut Brown, Lemon, Sweet Pea, Lilac, Lavender, Baby Blue, Black, Sunshine Yellow, Pale Green and Shamrock Green! We also carry card toppers, PVA glue and wires. Everything you need to get started on your next project! You might want to start with a Flower Soft Kit to get started if you are a first time user.

If you copy and paste the links below I found a great demonstration on how to use Flower Soft! The two videos are wonderful and will give you a better understanding of the product and will also leave you with some creative ideas.

CLICK HERE for Video 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orxRLVP0i

CLICK HERE for Video 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuwUZVrrgPU

Apply some PVA glue to a Flower Soft wire.

Dip wire into a pot of Flower Soft!

Roll the corner of some paper to get this look.

Cut wires that are done to fit into the paper.

Add glue at the bottom of wires and place inside!

VOILA! You have created a beautiful bouquet of flowers to go on any card or scrapbook page.

What is so great about this product is that you can use on any rubber stamp that you already have at home! Just stamp any image and dab a little PVA glue where you would like to put Flower Soft. Then sprinkle where the glue has been placed and your card will come to life. People will think you have spent hours on a card that will only take minutes to create!

Expand your creativity and try something new and fun! Russet Red and Baby Pink would be perfect for making Valentine's Day cards. And don't forget about Spring! Make spring flowers really bloom this year when you are crafting.


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  1. great product! thanks for sharing tutorial:)

  2. Wow, wie super ist das, das gefällt mir sehr sehr gut.
    das kann man für alle Arten karten nehmen, zb. Geburtstagskarten.
    lg gila

  3. I have used this for my design team on another site...i LOVE flower soft!! The containers are great and they really pack ALOT into them. They come in some great colors too but the new 8 coming out are awesome...i need them all! LOL

  4. Amber - that is so neat - I love that. I will have to get some soon. TFS !!!

  5. This is just AMAZING!!! I was wondering what you do with it after seeing it in your store.THe finished product is beautiful!!! Thanks for the tutorial.

  6. WOW this looks very pretty. Have to try it out, but have to buy the flower soft first ;)

  7. Beautiful product, I will try it!

  8. I have seen this, but I never really saw it demonstrated until now!! Thanks for showing us!! It's really cool!!

  9. Waw great projest, love it! Hugs, Moni

  10. Ahhhh - thank you so much for the tutorials - I've seen it but wasn't sure what to use it on. Beautiful.

  11. Wow - so simple to make - but the whole effect is amazing! :)

  12. ohhh that is funny stuff!!
    Going to put it on my wishlist:)
    hugs Ria

  13. Many thanks for the tutorial! I've seen this flowers only in your shop, and I didn't know how can use I it.


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