Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Note On Shipping Delays.....

Hey all! The ice..... It's pretty, but it's been a bear!

I am sorry to say that not only did the weather wreak havoc on our travel, it also wreaked havoc on our shipping and customer service operations. We finally have power and telephone / data lines up and running 100% in the warehouse and are back to shipping and emailing as usual. (I've been doing as much as I can from home in the meantime) Please note, ....we are behind! I am so sorry! As you know, we ship rocket fast, but last week's orders are just getting out today and tomorrow. Terra and Carla were not able to ship every day last week as planned due to the weather / ice and snow problems. Emails, ....I hope they get caught up as quickly.

We really aim to serve! Please be patient as we work hard to catch up! We hope that all will be 100% caught up by midnight tomorrow.

I apologize and thank you in advance for your understanding! I hope your parcels arrive safely and your emails get answered promptly! We are working very very hard to recover!!!


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  1. Beautiful picture,I hope it gets better for you soon.While you are freezing,we have been in a heatwave.

  2. Hey - nice cool pic - I'm sweating here under aircon!! There is one thing in life you can't control and that is the weather. Hope you get everything back in order soon.

  3. Wow! The picture is Beautiful! But Ice is completely rotten! I am so sick of winter!!!!!! Hope you are thawed out soon!


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