Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Penny Black Wood Mounted Rubber Stamps in Stock Too!

Wow! It appears many of our customers like the New Penny Black Rubber Stamps! We just listed them yesterday and are already almost sold out! WOW! Thanks for shopping with us!
Here are my favorite 2009 Penny Black stamps:

Out and About by Penny Black

Friendly Surprise Hedgy by Penny Black

Acrobat Hedgy by Penny Black

Baa Sheep by Penny Black

Safari Friends by Penny Black, Monkey and Giraffe

Nocturne Nocturnal Owl by Penny Black

Sun Dried Hedgy by Penny Black

Splendor Tree by Penny Black

Poppies Poppy Flower by Penny Black

If you want to buy any of these in our store, remember, you can just click on the photo and it will take you to our store Hurry, we are selling out fast!!

Have you tried our Flower Soft Yet? It is the most wonderful product for Spring! We have lots of colors in the store and it goes great with the Penny Black 2009 Flower stamps ;)

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  1. I love Poppies Poppy Flower by Penny Black
    and splendor tree also:)

  2. Acrobat Hedgie is just sooo cute, I love him to bits. I'm not surprised at all you have nearly sold out, they are terrific new stamps.

    Just wondering Heidi, have you received any of my emails this week ?

    Jo x

  3. These are cute! That sheep is about the sweetest thing, it would be so cute for Easter! These are great--thank you for showing them!


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