Friday, March 27, 2009

80# Cardstock has Arrived at Simon Says Stamp!

After much asking and begging, Simon Says Stamp has 80# weight cardstock in our store from a company other than Stampin' Up! The cardstock is from Core'dinations and it is waaay more than just cardstock! It is a cardstock with a core! Sand it, Tear it, Antique it, or just keep it! The cardstock has a canvas finish on one side and is available in so many colors!

This is premium cardstock folks, absolutely premium!

The chocolate collection shown here looks like just ordinary brown cardstock, but when you tear it, or sand it, you see the beautiful colors underneath. It also works great if you use your cuttlebug and en embossing folder. You can just sand the embossed parts. WOW!

The Black Magic collection has similar results but with black not brown! The colors below are from the Hocus Pocus Assortment!

We have also beautiful color cardstock assortments such as So Mod, Roy G Biv, Nostalgia, and Earthy Elements.

80# Cardstock is very hard to find and is the premium quality cardstock for making cards. This is it!

Acid Free, Lignen Free
Canvas texture
80# Weight

I do hope you will use this cardstock folks! Once you try it, your cards will immediately knock over the durability and premium quality scales!

For your convenience, we offer the Core'dination cardstock packs in 12" x 12", 8.5" x 11", 6" x 6", and 4.5" x 6.5".

Be inspired! Ideas below:

By Kim Moreno

by Kim Hughes

Spreading the love one piece of cardstock at a time!

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  1. I am more then inspired! Now I am itchin' to get some of that card stck! Just awesome!

  2. From the first time when I heard about this cardstock with core at last year I would like to try it. Wonderful papers with miracles.
    Great to find in your shop:-)

  3. I have the Black Magic set and I love it! It is so fun!!!

  4. This is fantastic! You ship to Australia don't you? Imagine what I could do with it.


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