Monday, March 9, 2009

Monika Has Her Frogs Jumping For Joy ToO!

Today was a nice Sunday Spring-like day in Ohio! It approached 70 degrees and my hubby and I were able to take a stroll in the Nature Park with our little boy. After a while, there was a light rain, but we just put the stroller top over our son and enjoyed the moment!

We walked by our favorite pond where our frog friends come in the Summer. So far, no frogs. Since our little boy is just 1 and a half, this will be his first summer seeing real frogs. I cannot wait to see and hear him giggle with joy when the frogs jump into the water!

I thought this was a perfect day to bring out Monika's Frog cards! DT member Monika made me smile when she emailed these cute guys to us for DT! Click HERE to see Monika's Blog.

Do you see the Dew Drops that Monika used in her flowers? We just received a HUGE ORDER of the Robin's Nest Dew Drops into Simon Says Stamp. There are new metallic colors, and even larger bottles. There is a larger stoned clear dew drop set too!

Want to get a great selection all at once, for an affordable price? Try one of our Mix Assortments! 6 colors included in stacking containers! We have a Metallic and a Bright Assortment. The new color varieties are in stock now and my favorite is the Island Blossom.
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  1. Good morning Heidi, Your photo's are lovely :-) I do miss the lovely countryside !!
    Lovely fun frog cards too and those dew drops are gorgeous :-)


  2. Das sind ganz hübsche Karten die du gemacht hast.
    LG Christina

  3. Great cards:) lovely ideas and big inspiraion:)


  4. WOW! Those FROGGERS look fantastic! O OH OHHHHohoho! More dew drops. Do you realize you are NOT helping my wishlist, but only are making it loooonger??? You all so totally rock!


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