Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Baby is Growing Up!

Flirting with Aunt Wendy

Daddy holding him at Baptism

Always climbing into and onto things!

Today hit me really hard, my baby is growing up! He is now 19 months old and boy oh boy has the time just flown by!! It seems like just yesterday that he was nursing. Now he wants to drink out of a big boy cup and use a fork! Hearing him speak is a great joy for me, now his baby coos have turned into words and I have a much better understanding for what he likes, wants and needs (oh thank goodness!) I do miss those cuddly baby days .....

Does anybody know how to slow the clock up a little bit? Time is going too quickly ;)


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  1. Oh, He is sooo cute :-))))) I like His smile :D
    My Son is right the same age ;-)
    I don't work, I'm home with Him, 'cause it is the only way I can enjoy almost every moment of His "wery youth" :D And I don't feel like missing anything, or time goes by toooo quick :D

  2. ohh he is cute and what a little charmer ;) you will have to kick the girls away from your doorstep before you know it ;)
    hugs ria

  3. ahhhhhh Heidi, what a sweety. He is so cute :-))).....

    Big Hugs

  4. Oh what a sweetie !!!!

    yes, the time runs so quickly.

    Enjoy all the time with him!


  5. Oh man Heidi, he is ADORABLE!!!!!! Only way to stop the clock is to have ANOTHER!!!!!! tee hee!!!!! ;)

  6. Heidi, enjoy these days while you can. They grow so quickly as you've discovered.
    he's a little poppet and will break a few hearts when he's older!! ;0)I wouldn't mind a cuddle from him myself.
    Viv xx

  7. Oh Heidi , he is just sooo cute, make the most of this time, before you know it he'll be away at college !! Sean is almost 21 and it seems like yesterday he was just like yours !! :-/
    You should scrapbook these photo's :-)
    Lorraine x x

  8. Heidi! You are going to make me cry! My "baby" turns 6 tomorrow. Cherish these times. It goes so fast,and all of sudden they don't want to hug or kiss you in front of their friends! And, those girls will be coming because he's such a handsome little guy!

  9. Very sweet, Heidi! I don't know how to slow things down. If you find out, let me know! :-)

  10. I think it is time for another when you are craving to slow down time. Go for #2...It will be fun trying!!!

    Good Luck! :-)

  11. He is really nice and cute :) I beleive he gives you sooo much inspiration :)


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