Wednesday, April 1, 2009

There's Lots of Monkey Business here at Simon Says Stamp!!

Changtio Knee Hugger and Hang On To You

Changito Coffee and Two Cup Day

Check them out!! Brand new to the
Changito Collection from Stampendous, these cute Changito stamps now come unmounted!! Weather you like wood mounted or unmounted rubber stamps you now have your choice. Brace yourself because these Changito stamps are ADORABLE!

Changito Scuba Diver

Create birthday cards with this Changito Cake rubber stamp! Perfect for any birthday occasion! This stamp also goes great with the Whipped Up mounted or unmounted stamp.

Changita Ballerina
and Changito Cheer

Changito Kick and I Get a Kick

Changito Bubbles and Bubble Over

These are only a few of the new Changito stamps that we sell in our store! We sell the entire collection! Some others from the new Changito line are Changito Stamper, Changito Vaccuum, Changito At Home, Ta Dah, Changito Piggyback, Changito Driver, Thanks Support, Pick Me Up, Hooray Blast, Drive Happy, and High on You. Be sure to check them out!!

****~~~BLOG CANDY ALERT~~~***

What is YOUR new favorite Changito stamp? Comment on this blog and you will win your choice of ANY 3...that's right THREE changito stamps!! It's just that easy! We will announce the winner this Friday, April the 3rd.

My favorite stamp is the Changito Slicker stamp. Great for the rainy Spring days ahead!

Happy Stamping!


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  1. Just what I need, more Changitos! My kids love them! I love the birthday cake one!

  2. Oh I love the one with the coffee,he is just sooo cute with those slippers on and just what you need first thing in the morning !

    Jo x

  3. I'm first..LOL!

    I love love love the coffee one...he is so adorable!

  4. Aw they are all adorable but I think my fav is Changito coffee.Love his slippers!!

  5. My favorite Changito stamp is.... Changito Coffee, because most mornings ARE a 2 cup day for me too,lol.

  6. I love Changito... my fave new stamp is Bubble Over. It's just so gosh-darn adorable; kinda takes me back to my childhood & the endless hours of fun we'd have in the summer making bubbles.

  7. Wow, die stempel sind ja niedlich, sehen toll aus.
    mein Favorit ist:

    lg gila

  8. nice monkeys...I like them all...but my favorite is the CHANGITO COFFEE ... I love THIS one!

  9. Wow - what a lovely stamps!
    Stamper and Bubbles are my favourites :)
    I also like the one with cups of coffee - just like me every morning ;)

  10. Love these stamps, they are sooooooo cute

  11. They are so cute! I like the Bubble Changito. Reminds me of my kids.

  12. Such a cheeky image! Love the cards, beautifully coloured.

  13. Brilliant selection, love them all but the one with the coffee is the one for me as one cup is never enough! Thank you for the inspiration.

  14. Oh thats so sweet Stamps. Thats great that we could win 3 of them *g*


  15. Oh, I love these little guys! My favorite are the Changito Hop ones.

    Drea S.

  16. Hi! My fav is Changito Cheer, so nice!

  17. The knee hugger changito is just too cute!!

  18. Such cute stamps! I need to make some masculine cards so I like the Changito driver, knee hugger and the coffee one! Great stuff!

  19. I love the knee hugging one! Super cute!

  20. Wowzer, these cards are fabulous!

    I absolutely love the Changito coffee, it's just too perfect with the bunny slippers and the crooked PJ shirt! That totally cracks me up!!!

    Thanks for the smile!
    Blessings, Maria

  21. My favorite is the Changito Cheer. You can stamp a sentiment you like, so it looks that the Changito shouts the sentiment...
    Thank you for the chance to win.

  22. i love changito piggyback! there's so many cute new ones!

  23. My favourite Changito is the one with the 2 monkeys floating in the umbrella!!!! THey are all so dang cute!!!!! :)

  24. changito cake is the cuttest!!!!
    I love it!!


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