Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bugs Enjoy the Little Things! Let's Do the Same!

Simon says that bugs enjoy the little things....let's do the same!

DT member Domi made these great projects using our Simon says Clear stamp set: Bugs Enjoy the Little Things. Be sure to visit Domi's BLOG HERE!

Comment here to let us know what kind of little things you take the most pleasure in each day. On next Friday we will choose a random winner to get this stamp set! YAHOO!

Some of my favorite little things are:

watching the deer play in the woods by our house and sometimes cross the street into our backyard. when I ask my baby boy for a kiss and he gives me a big smack and says MWAAAA! receiving a hand stamped card! It is so thoughtful and loving ;) hearing my hubby talk on the phone when he is in another room. The deep sound of his voice still always makes me smile.


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  1. aww aren't they cute :-) Love the stamp set and the DT creations are fabby :-)
    Lorraine x

  2. Great work Domi, love these stamps.

    Little things that make my day are my two children, my lovely dog, my hubby and stamping.


  3. lovely! absolutely lovely:) Little things are the best, I like to sleep until 9, than eat light breakfast and visit stampers blogs, finding inspiration and motivation to do something crafty today:)

  4. This stamp set is so cute.

    The little things I enjoy throughout the day are my children laugthing, a small bird singing the garden, a song I love being played on the Radio.... there are so many things to enjoy every single day.

    Thanks for the giveaway.


  5. I looooove every little thing my 2 babies do!!! But the best is when they hug me and tell me never to go away.... my heart totally melts.
    Great work Domi!!!!

  6. Brenda Armstrong...says, Little things in life all all around us ,just take the time to use your five senses God gave us,the smell and taste of something, seeing the beauty of the land and animals and friendship,the love we see and get from others in our time of need,we are able to hear the birds singing as well as other animals and peope talking with each other,birds have a beautiful way of cheering your day up as you sit on the porch enjoying a cup of cocoa and reading yor scriptures for the day. the smell of a newborn baby, there's nothing like it but all in all we have God to thank for the little things in our life Our five senses say it all and we put that in journals and our ideas to scrapbook as well.It's a gift given. Brenda1958

  7. Such a cute set! I love the box!

    There are so many little things I love! But my favorite are seeing my baby girls smile and singing wihle driving :).

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  8. oooh These stamps would make cute pets :)they are just lovely

    Little Things I love are quiet times reading a really good book, walking in the summer rain without an umbrella .. it's warm out why not lol. Taking time to smell the flowers and trying new things :)

    Thanks for the chance at these adorable stamps
    Nikki C

  9. congrats SOPHIA! You are our winner!


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