Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tim Holtz's Alcohol ink Case

Did you know that those wonderful metal storage cases by Tim Holtz for paint dabbers, alcohol inks, stamp ink pads, and unmounted stamps are no longer being made? We have a very limited supply of them left in stock.

Unfortunately, we are sold out of the alcohol ink storage case by Tim Holtz Cropper Hopper Advantus. However, a delighted customer brought it to our attention that she uses her paint dabber case for alcohol ink storage and purchased several more cases from us to continue the same. The Tim Holtz Paint Dabber case holds 20 paint dabbers, or delightfully, 20 Tim Holtz alcohol inks. As a result, we have purchased every dabber case that we could find anywhere to bring them to you!

Again, we have a very limited supply and have gone to great lengths to acquire as many as these cases for you as we possibly can. The alcohol ink case is sold out and we expect the other storage cases to sell out soon. Here is a view of them:

Dabber Case:

Embossing Powder Case:

Unmounted Stamp Case:
Distress Ink pad Case:

There is also this handy dandy metal tiny tin storage case available in our store by Tim Holtz right now too! It is perfect for storing his embellishments and so many other goodies!

There is nothing like the journey, so enjoy the ride!

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  1. His cases are soooooo fun to alter!!!!

  2. I really love the ep cases- I have a few of them and use them for all sorts of items!
    The distress Ink Pad case , I took the divider out of it so that I could also keep my handle and felts in there.


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