Sunday, July 19, 2009

Friendly Kritters from Cornish Heritage Farms are HERE!

I am soooooo excited to have this new line available in our store. The Friendly Kritters line, by designer Tom Allen, is full of super cute animals with awesome backgrounds behind them. I really like the images because they have a lot of detail that I can color with my COPIC Markers!

Sherrie Siemens from Cornish Heritage Farms made the fabulous card shown above. The stamp she used is called Beach Turtles. The colors are beautiful, the stitching is great (my new favorite technique). The dark brown cardstock that is used as matting really makes the card pop!

****BLOG CANDY ALERT****Do you have a most wonderful friend in your life? I DO!!!!!! My friend is special because no matter what silly thing I say or do, she loves me anyway! Comment on why your friend is special to you and you will win a FRIENDS DON'T MIND Rubber Stamp from the Friendly Kritters Collection. The random drawing will be held at the end of the week! A picture of the Friends Don't Mind stamp used in a card by Sherrie Siemens is below.

Here are the rest of the Friendly Kritters wood mounted stamps we have available NOW in our STORE. Be sure to look for more Friendly Kritters to come when we place our next Cornish Heritage Farms order. I want to collect every one!

Enjoy ~TERRA





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  1. Oh how absolutely gorgeous are they. Would love to win.

    Hmmmm a good friend is someone who always takes the good with the bad and is always there to wipe away your tears, make you laugh when you are down, brings chocolate when you are sad but most of all takes you as you are no strings attached.


  2. how cute these are! I have a special friend...she is someone who can listen well, laugh with me, and encourage me to keep movin' even when I don't want to!

  3. Those are just Sooo Yummy
    My Special Friend is always there whenever I'm in the need, also we have alot of the same tastes and enjoys to go out and have long chats over coffee and also has a fun adventurous side to will to have a good time and a laugh where ever we can find. Plus she comes pressure free.. which is just perfect in a friend & the only thing she wants is my company :)
    huggs Nikki

  4. Beautiful card and what brilliant images, all so fab especially 'lending a hand'. My friend has been there for me since we were both 11 years old. She is a true friend, never judging but aiming to cheer me up at the saddest of times. I truly have a friend for life!

  5. stunning stamps with so much detail i so love them.
    My super best friend is Alison we work together, go on holiday together with our families and we are there for each other through good times and bad she had bowel cancer last year and she said without me she wouldn't of got through it, I love her so much I can scream, shout and take out all my anger and tell her anything I don't know any other person like Alison.
    tracy x

  6. Gorgeous stamps and what a fab idea for a prize draw :-)
    I have old friends and new friends, some of my 'new' friends feel like old friends and some I have never even met !! They are all very special to me. Friends make our lives happy,, without them we would be miserable eh !!
    A big cheer for our friends :-)

    Lorraine x x

  7. Cute, cute stamps.

    I have a true friend - she is always happy to see me, (no matter what time I get home) she will gladly eat whatever meal I prepare,
    she will sit next to me on sunny days and be by my side in the rain.
    She is my little Westie, Suzie.

    Caroline xxx

  8. I have 3 best friends. We got to know each other through a Mom's Group one of the girls started. It has now evolved into a Moms/Scrapbooking group! We are all COMPLETELY different, but just get on so well together. It is that very comfortable feeling I get when we are together that makes my heart happy. And of course the amount of giggling that goes on is also so special!!

  9. These are simply the cutest critters!!

    My special friend would have to be my hubby!! He has been a rock in my life when I really needed one and supports my craziness! I love him completely!


  10. Thanks for the chance to win my friend is someone that I can go to anytime even though we don't see each other as much as we are busy with kids we know we can count on each other when we need someone to talk to

  11. Hi,
    what fab new Stamps. WOW.

    My best friend is so important for me, because when I´m without her, I`m feeling so alone.
    She knows everything about me and I can tell her everything.
    Thats very important!!!


  12. I can share everything with my sister and she's always there for me =) She's one of a kind!!

  13. Aren't these just the cat's meow? How adorable and love the examples (a.k.a. mojo-boosters!!)

    Well, all friends, TRUE friends are special, as we are there to help each other without expectations. We can listen, entertain, help or comfort, and as friends, we do it with an open heart and that's what makes friendship special and enduring.

  14. My friend Jess is special to me because when my kids and I had nowhere to go, I mean absolutely NOWHERE, she gave them beds to sleep in and me a couch to sleep on!


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