Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tasha Won $50 Voucher for Simon Says Stamp with ALTER IT Challenge!

Congrats to Tasha! She was randomly picked and won a $50 voucher in our JUST MAGNOLIA monthly Project challenge! Simon Says Stamp is the sponsor for the monthly challenge. Since the challenges are a little more difficult than your every week challenges, we make the prize a bit bigger! Would you like a chance to win a $50 voucher! Visit the Just Magnolia Challenge blog and look for the next contest!

Here is a note from Tasha ...ENJOY her lovely work!

This is my entry for the Just Magnolia monthly challenge! The brief was to alter a container. Now im not very good at this sort of thing as you can see and i wasnt very inventive lol. But this little box has caused havoc in my household tonight. Millie came into my craft room (picture below) and decided that it was "very pretty mummy" and that it was hers! I said no its not and then she said "when you have finished its mine yes" lol i said no and we had fireworks then all through bed time she kept asking for it lol! Im flattered but its not worth her tears lol. So i have placed it by her bed and she will see it first thing when she wakes and will hopefull be happy to have it.

This is what the box originally looked like:

Millie snuck into my studio wearing a pom pom hat this evening i couldnt stop laughing. She spent all the time indoors in just her shorts she has been far too hot all day!
Excuse the shabby sofa - its my thinking couch in my studio. In all fairness it needs throwing but its so comfy and it was the first couch in millies and my first home together so im a bit sentimental - lol!

That smile makes everything worth while!

love tasha xx

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  1. That little one is gorgeous !!! I think that made my day. Thanks, ms.cheryl

  2. Gorgeous box and the photo is just beautiful :-) ahhhh :-) She deserves your box just for that beautiful smile :-)
    Congratulations Tasha, enjoy your shopping spree :-)
    Lorraine x x


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