Sunday, August 16, 2009

Adhesive Survey

The trick above is to use Crazy glue!

Hi folks! We are trying to expand our glues and adhesives category in the Simon Says Stamp store. What's your favorite glue or adhesive? Would you mind emailing me at with GLUE in the subject line to tell me your favorites or recommendations? I'll randomly choose someone for a great gift pack of CHA products from the emails. Would you mind helping us help you?

On another note, Terra and I are working together to take off our baby weight. The only thing is, she has a baby who is just a few months old and my "baby" is going to be 2 years old! It's now or never! I am hoping with her help, it will get me over the edge. Can you believe Cold Stone Creamery is less than one mile from our office and warehouse! um....we are near one of the largest shopping districts in Columbus Ohio (Polaris Parkway) - so there are soooo many great eateries around! Chipotle, McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, Starbucks (5 of them! Yes, 5 within a 1.5 mile radius!, TGI Friday's, Olive Garden, Quaker Steak & Lube, Pizza Hut, Donatos, Skyline Chili, Kentucky Fried Chicken, OMG, the list goes on and on and on. *I barely scratched the surface! It's no wonder it's taken me 2 years to get off this weight! I have no idea what I'll eat. . . I think there is a Subway around the corner? Guess I better figure it out!
ahhhh!!! We each ate one of the peanut butter heavenly gems tonight! YUUUUMMMMMOOOOOOZZZZZZZ! It was the last hurrah!

When you are eating healthy...what do you do for a quick lunch? Would you comment here to let us know ??? Boy oh boy, would I love to hear!

Have a great week everyone! Thinking skinny tooshie......skinny....skinny....


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  1. Good luck! You both deserve the benefits of good health!

  2. To help you dieters, Veggie soup is the answer. It's healthy, and filling and even if not your favorite, spice it up and no crackers! It's how I lost weight

  3. Salad or vegetable soup! Good luck! Hugs,moni

  4. Good luck to you both. I am still trying to get rid of 'baby' fat and my youngest daughter is 19 !!So I am probably not the best to give out advice... lol*
    I would go for Tuna Salad though -
    quick and easy and you can use a fat free dressing.
    Caroline xxx

  5. Ooh it's so much easier to put on than take off isn't it!!! I love a nice dish of salad with low fat dressing. Or sometimes I just have fresh fruit salad and yoghurt - yum!!
    Good luck hope you soon shed those pounds!!!

  6. Good luck's never an easy battle...but remember that you MUST exercise to shift these extra "ounces"! And never say never..."treats" are good! bx

  7. I'm totally with you... Been there just a year ago (when my "baby" turned 3 :-))
    The perfect diet lunch for me was a big salad full of raw vegetables topped with a grilled chicken breast.
    I grill the breast with fine herbs on a grill pan with no oil at all. Remember to avoid fatning dressings for the salad: Lemon, salt, pepper and a single spoon of olive oil will do.
    This is usually a problem with diets. You eat a lot of salad thinking it's low on calories but actually the dressing is disastrous.

    Good Luck

  8. i try to keep a tub of cottage cheese around, and i either go for a hummus pita (with alfalfa sprouts!) or a toasted whole grain bagel with roasted red peppers and brummel and brown spread. my two FAVOURITE lunches. :)

    good luck with the new mission! i never lost my pouch, and it's too late for me (my son just turned 16!). but work those abs, girlfriend! ;)

  9. Rainbows! Lots of salads - not just lettuce, though. Use other greens, too, like a little cabbage, spinach, etc. Add lots of colorful crunchies - carrots, celery, cukes, radishes, peas, peppers - only things you love. Make it a rainbow of color - attractive, satisfying & healthy! Top with a few almonds or walnuts, & herbs & grilled chicken breast or fish or shrimp! Even left over pork tenderloin or steak, if that's what you love! Skip the dressings - they're loaded with fat & chemicals. Avoid white food -croutons (bread), rice, pasta, potatoes.

    I was recently reminded to start very slowly with exercise & build very slowly. It's easy to burn out & get discouraged and/or injured, if you do too much & expect too much too quickly. Slow & steady - the experts all say that it is learning a new life-style that you will continue the rest of your life, not just for short term weight loss, so find something enjoyable & sustainable.

    Try to take time out of your very hectic schedules to plan & prepare healthy, satisfying meals & snacks, rather than being tempted to grab a big mac, (supersized, please). Easier said than done!It's too easy to grab fast food when you're ravenous & you know there's nothing fast, easy or tasty at home.

    Good luck! Please keep us posted on your progess & what is working for you.

  10. To start off with, my favourite adhesive is definitely Tombow glue for adhering embellishments etc. My staple is however my glue runner - can't live without it!
    Well done for taking on the weight loss challenge - after my 3rd I lost a lot of weight with The Zone programme (got to a size 6). A good easy lunch is tuna and/or chicken deli meat with salad wrapped in a wholewheat tortilla with lf mayo. I love it - and keep to healthy snacks such as a handful of almonds, lf cheese, grapes etc.
    Hope this helps and best of luck!
    Hugs, Danielle

  11. As it's still summer over there, I'd go for tons of gazpacho or cold cucumber soup with just some drops of extra virgin olive oil. Both are full packed of vitamins and filling!
    Girls, I can provide the recipes if you email me :)
    Good luck, I went through this one year ago and lost 16 (post baby) kilos in 6 months!! And haven't gained back any of them!! So it can be done ;)

  12. I like to eat a bowl of pasta with tuna, sweetcorn and mayo and sprinkled with cheese for a healthy lunch with a nice green salad.
    Or a roasted red pepper with a mushroom cous cous inside yum yum!
    tracy x

  13. I like cottage cheese with grapes. Or a nice yummy spinach salad with ..I throw anything on there..avocado, onion, mushrooms, walnuts, you name it!! Just go light on the cheese and use fat free dressing...LOVE Kraft FF Catalina!! Oh and I love triscuits with turkey pepperoni and low fat cheese! Good luck! Not always easy that is for sure but you just have to be strong and know that it is good for your health and you will live a long life with your 2 year old!

  14. Good luck on your healthy eating!
    I would go for salad, cottage cheese and crakers or even crackers and tomatoes! Yum!
    Erin x

  15. omg you are sooo funny....skinny tooshie!!! I need one of those too!!!!! My quickie lunch is usually Triscuits & cheese (soy cheese) or cucumbers & tuna. I try REALLY hard to avoid eating out, but if you do, get the salad dressing on the side & dip your fork in it! Good luck to you - I am struggling right along side you!!!! BUT, like I said before, if you WALK to the Creamery, it balances out the ice cream!!! And, BTW, that looks SCRUMPPY!!!!!! yummmmmmmmm

  16. Good luck! You all deserve it. Try cutting out Cokes and other sugary drinks--worked for me! Lisa :-)

  17. Eating healthy.... I think I'd rather have a go at that ice cream waffle up there. Fast, healthy lunches are tricky. You'll want something that packs a lot of protein and fiber to keep you fuller longer, and as silly as this sounds, you can get that from a PB&J on whole wheat. Hey, it's fast and effective. Pita wraps are good, get some grilled chicked, dice it up and add a selection of veggies and some feta or mozzerella cheese in there. Yummy and nutritious. Switch out your Cheetos for Goldfish, switch out your Snickers bar for Raisenettes, snack on a yogurt (probiotics and calcium + fruits), throw it in the freezer for a delicious treat. Granola. Granola can be good!! Sprinkle some on top of your yogurt that's on top of your blueberries and you've got a vitamin-packed num-nummy bite to eat. Mozzerella cheese instead of cheddar, corn tortillas instead of flour (lots of iron), grilled instead of fried, so like, you want to eat at Chipotle, well, switch out a couple of things, get the grilled chicken, stuff it with veggies and beans (oh so fibrous and filling!!) and there you go. Not THE HEALTHIEST, but a compromise. I hope that helps.
    Now, what I do personally, is make those nutritious choices, so that, at some point, I pig out on fast food and chocolate and the whole purpose is lost. Ugh. Good luck!! Oh, and cook with olive oil instead of others, as this oil actually has nutritional value. A more nutritionally dense entree will keep you fuller and more energetic, therefore, less food and more energy... less pounds in theory.

    Have a great weekend,


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