Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Apple Mac Update and i-phone

Have you tried to call me today and instead of getting an answer from me, just heard some clicking!? That is me! I am an OLD LADY trying to figure out a new gadget!

It was my hubby's birthday and mine is coming up. The family needed a new family computer. My hubby uses it for work and left our old one in his car.....someone broke into his car and stole it right out of the driveway! Can you believe that!? It is pretty scary. I thought we lived in a quaint little cute neighborhood. YIKES!

Anyhow, hubby is a gadget GURU! He loves gadgets! Have you seen that roomba vaccuum? The one that vacuums for you while you leave the house! He got sucked into that thing and gave it to me for birthday one year. Haha ! Sucked is the key word for this vacuum ( ;) SORRY! Besides the fact that it was SOOOO NOISY the dog (Simon!) went so crazy and nuts everytime it turned on, it seemed to use a lot of time and energy just to clean the smallest area. It just roamed around bouncing off the walls. HECK, I CAN DO THAT and not scare the dog! With a dog, small child, and even a visiting mouse every now and then, I figured vacuuming was best kept to the human race in our house.

OK, back to the MAC! We got one! YAHOO!! Seriously folks, if you are in the market for a computer, it is really a good thing. Folks say it is a bit more pricey than a pc, but I am not too sure about that because the features we need most, are actually saving us money! The video editing and photography capabilities, NOT TO MENTION music, are going to save us in other costs. We have lots of family videos - including our beachfront wedding - that we have never done ANYTHING with! We also have a quickly AGING 2 year old and stacks of pictures of him just sitting on cd's! This new mac makes gathering, compiling and viewing our library of family memories such a joy. After loading them into the hard drive, hubby and I spent a lot of time side by side remembering great life events. Seeing the very first picture of our little boy being born made me sob tears of joy.

So you ask, "you just got a mac, why can't you answer your phone?" Um....hubby decided I had to have an iphone too because it "goes with" the Mac computer. (NOT COMES WITH AS IN FREE, but is "compatible with" the computer) HOLY CRAP! After 2 years I was finally becoming really good at working my blackberry! Hubby has a phone for his job that is a company phone. He does not have the option to get an iphone - so he took out his gadget addiction onto me. OK OK, it is REALLY COOL though! i-tunes and the video/picture part of the phone are my favorite, - especially as I sit here next to it while it is playing music for me! SUSSUDIO anyone? (Phil Collins is in the house!) But hubby is still teaching me how to get really dextrous with the rest of it. All of those "App's"! ? VERY COOL! I shot a quick video of bedtime with my little boy last night and the ease of use and quality of the video rocked my world! My fingers are still a bit awkward so I think I may have hung up on a caller earlier today. Caller, please don't be offended!

So, in short, I must say that apple has stolen my heart. As an older lady who has gotten so far away from the "in" generation I had given up hope. There is hope to be had! Apple makes it so easy, even I can make it work! Thank you hubby for making your birthday to be my birthday too. Thank you for being patient and persistent and teaching me the ways of the future!


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  1. I think you've really have your gadgets in order now!! =) I had the iPhone for a year now and it is the best phone I've ever had, really couldn't be happier with it! Hope you'll be too! =)
    Hugs, SannaS

  2. that first photograph is ssssooooo funny lol Tell your husband I have a serious gadget addiction too must have a look at the apple mac though sound brilliant...enjoy your music
    Mina xxx

  3. Awwww, Happy Birthday to the both of you!! True, huh? Once you go Mac.... Haha, well, sounds like you've made the right choice, although I am sorry to hear about your run-in with your friendly neighborhood hooligans :(


  4. Mu son has an apple laptop and swears by it, hubby has the ipod things and thinks they are just the best! i thgink its a men thing the gadget thing? although i have gadgets, apparently i dont use them as much as i should! hmmm!
    glad you got your new one tho, hope you enjoy having lots of fun and synching your ipod with it ;-)
    take care
    Nicki x

  5. once you go Mac, you never go back ;) welcome to the Mac side :D hehe

  6. oh i am sooooo laughing my butt off! i love the "roomba" story. too, too funny! and i, too, am in the market for a new 'puter and totally lost. i have an emachines which i just love and have had for 9 years now and it still works fine. of course, i've gotten a new "mother-board" so to speak!

    anyway, i'm rambling. sounds like your birthday was great and you're enjoying yourself. way to go.


  7. Oh Heidi - you are so funny!!! I want to know who that photo is meant to be you or hubby!!!! I hope not hubby after he made his Birthday a joint celebration!!!
    Have fun with your new toys!!!
    ps - I'm posting my first Magnolia today after receiving her in the mail yesterday whoooee - love her already!!!

  8. I had a ROOMBA vacuum and I loved it - i would go out and leave " robbie" on and let him work his magic....LOVED it -Sadly - he died from overuse!!

    Iphones are way cool except they dont vacuum!!!



  9. You are so lucky. I want a iphone but my DH won't get me one. Although I am getting my new Apple on Friday. I love gadgets too. So, it's not just a guy thing.

    P.S. Happy Birthday.


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