Monday, August 3, 2009

By Land, By Air, By See - We are shipping QUICKLY!

You haven't heard from us in a while? Um.....We are shipping shipping shipping as quickly as we can! YAHOOO!!!! Being at CHA show in Orlando and having a delayed flights getting back to Ohio (we go stuck overnight in Atlanta and added a whole day to our travels) We are so happy to be back and working night and day around the clock to get your orders out. Thanks so much for your support! We hope to be completely caught up on Tuesday.

I don't know what is up with our bad luck at the airport. We had travel issues coming back from the last CHA in California too. At least the last time we got stuck for 12 hours in Las Vegas (among several other places) The Vegas leg of the trip at least gave us all a little jolt of energy to keep us going. This trip had no little jolt - just some dirty old man staring at Amber in the elevator. We were lucky though, so many folks in Atlanta had young children and were stranded overnight. Being stranded with children would be a real trial for all.

Service with a smile!

Much luv,

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  1. I missed having little blog updates while you guys were away! Cha looks like it was soooo fun....would have loved to have been there. Hugs Rowena

  2. Oh dear - sounds like us when ew go on holiday - every quick route is diverted.
    Can't wait to see what you have bought us though!!
    Cathy xx


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