Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Buddy!

My baby just had a birthday! We went to pawpaw (grandpa & grandma's) house for cake and ice cream. They only have one grandchild, and decided to spoil him crazy this birthday! Look at the John Deere tractor they got him! As soon as Jax saw it, he went crazy and ran for it (in the middle of getting changed into his swimmy suit).

Instead, he opted for his birthday suit and rode around pawpaw's yard buck naked. He was giggling and smiling and shouting "truck", "uh oh!" "ride" WHEEEEE! Oh my goodness, it was so cute. Definitely one of the happiest days of my life. paw paw and grandma loved it, hubby and I couldn't stop smiling and we brought Simon along and he even had a smile on his face too.

It was a great day! How do you celebrate birthdays in your family?

I would love to hear and bet our readers would too ;)


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  1. happy birthday to your little one!!! the photos you posted are GREAT!!!

  2. aww how cute :-) Happy Birthday Jax :-) He obviously likes his pressie !! fabby photo's :-))

    Lols x x

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY your baby!The photo is very-very cute!:)

    Hugs, Tímea

  4. oh how gorgeous is your little boy, stunning photos...I think he like it dont you lol
    Mina xxx

  5. Happy birthday to that cutie!!! The pic made me laugh out loud! My very own cutie turns two tomorrow too!! (try saying "turns two tomorrow too a few times...). We'll be celebrating on saturday with some friends and a little party at home.
    Big hugs!

  6. Happy birthday to your little man!! We just celebrated my daughter's 3rd birthday. Love her birthday - we have a fmaily party and she gets to hang out with all of her cousins. So much fun!!

  7. How cute photo is! :)
    Happy Birthtday to the Little One!

  8. Oh my stars, this picture is PRECIOUS!!! And not to leave Simon out, you look great too, all smiles I see!! Could be an advertisement for those toys, I think, especially with the background being farm-like. Awwww. Happy Birthday little dude!!

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY To Jax. He seems so happy with his new present.
    What a joy to look at this photo.
    Thanks for sharing.


  10. What a funny story. Totally reminded me of being at my granny and grandpas house at a very young age. I too was riding around on the riding lawn mower, butt naked and hopped off to go check out some newly hatched chicks when out of no where came an angry hen. I can still see myself running through the yard, screaching, zig zagging, swinging my swim suit wildly with that Hot Hen on my tale!!! Sorry can't talk about the Bday, my 40 is next Friday. UUUUUrgh

  11. Happy BDay to Jax!!!! The photo is soooo cute!! :-) He is just like my Son - he's also a tractor fan ;-)

  12. OMG that is soooo hilarious!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAX!!!!!!! Love the pics!!!!

  13. This photo is priceless! Oh, just wait until he is a teenager... the blackmail you'll have... :)


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