Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Tim Holtz Wood Mount Stamps are IN STOCK!

Ready for some INSPIRATION??????

There are so many cool ideas that Tim Holtz included in the latest Stampers Anonymous Catalog, that I do not dare to pick a favorite. The colors are amazing, his embellishments are perfect, and the images are in a league of their own.

Tim released 54 wood mounted stamps at the CHA show in July and we got these beauties delivered to our door the other day. Boy, were we excited to open them up and take a look!!! These tags highlight a few of the new stamps, but check out our store for the full release!

The tag to the left uses Heart N Soul, Star Strip, and Cityscape. Below, the stamps Enjoy the Journey, Floral Swirl, Dotted, and Bicycle make a beautiful piece of art.

The Halloween Tag shown here uses Splatdrip, Scratched Raven, Shatter, and Poison. You should also check out the stamp, Kitty. It is "Tim Holtz Halloween" at his finest!

This tag uses stamps that Tim Holtz created using inspiration from his "trip of a lifetime" to South Africa this year. He told us at the show how he had close encounters with cheetah, lions, and elephants on his safari. I can't do the stories justice because he is phenomenal storyteller. All I can say is a herd of elephants were grazing withing 3 feet of the Jeep they were parked in, complete with a baby elephant to see! I would have been pretty nervous, but I am definitely in awe of that experience!

The stamps in this tag are South Africa Post, Elephant, Moyo, and Safari. Notice he used his new Filmstrip Ribbon on the left side - we are anxiously awaiting our shipment from Ideaology for this embellishment! It was definitely my favorite new embellishment at the WHOLE SHOW!

This tag to the left features Gridlock, Clock Tower, Spray Numbers, and Pause. I love the colors in the background of this one.

This tag to the left has one of my favorite stamps in it The Cage! It also has Flourish 1, Dates, Star Strip and Bird. I definitely think that the birdcage stamp is going to be a popular one!

Ok, one more tag, and I will have to stop - but I could go on ALL DAY!!!!

Look at this awesome tag using the Circus theme! This tag uses Game Wheel, Strongman, Checked, Clowns, Cirque, and Circus Ticket. Whew! That's a lot of stamps! I really like how he used a Game Spinner embellishment on the Game Wheel! The Clowns stamp in the background almost makes the colors looked marbelized, but if you look closer you can see the clowns faces. So COOL!!!!!

Well, as I said, we have all 54 wood mounted stamps in the store, so check it out for the full release. If you are a unmounted rubber fan, all of these images are included in the Tim Holtz Unmounted Stamp Sets in our store!

Happy browsing and I really hope you enjoyed the oodles of inspiration!

OH YEAH, Gee I almost forgot.....DO YOU WANT SOME!?!?!?!? You must become a follower of our blog (if you aren't already :) and comment on your absolute favorite new Holtz stamp - OK, top three if you can't decide! We will choose a random winner at the end of the week and they will win THE CAGE and BIRD! A match made in heaven!


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  1. boah, fantastisch, hoffendlich ist mir Fortuna hold.
    Tolle Tags sind das.
    lg gila
    Follower bin ich schon

  2. Oh, I can do top 3, that's at least a little easier:

    - Funky Flames
    - Floral Swirl
    - Hart N Soul

    I just love Tim Holtz, his stuff is unbelievable great.

  3. only three?????????? impossible :DDDDDDD

  4. Fabulous! I am a big fan of Tim Holtz :) My top three (if I have to pick just three!) are:

    poison, gamewheel, and the circus ticket :)

  5. I love the cage and the elephant!!!!

  6. Terrific inspiration indeed!
    I'm totally in love with the BICYCLE stamp.

  7. I love them all!!! They're so gorgeous, but I have to say my to favorites the bird cage and the bike! =)
    Hugs, SannaS

  8. Love them all, but my absolute must have is the heart and soul stamp. It's beautiful!

  9. Wow, loads of great stuff to see here!! :) I just love the cage!! :)

    Hugs Ida

  10. Too many to choose I can't pick a fav

  11. Very cool tags!!! Let's see my top 3 favs are....
    1- clock tower
    2- poison
    3- gamewheel

  12. Terra,
    I know I can't win, but my absolute favorites are the elephant and the bicycle ;)

  13. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees......
    1 - Heart N Soul
    2 - Bicycle
    3 - The Cage!


  14. I love everything!!!The Clock Tower is wonderful!

  15. I must say that I love them all, but since you make me choose ... I must pick some of the background stamps, they are just amazing! My top three are dotted, gridlock and checked.

  16. OMG, what fab creations! They are all so wonderful!


  17. Absolutely stunning creations! What, only 3 favorites, are you mad?! They are all just absolutely gorgeous!

    Okay, "Pause", "Clowns" and "Birdsong", if I seriously have to choose.


  18. All so very beautiful, love the Swirls, Bicycle and Cage. Keep up the fab work, wonderful eye candy once again!

  19. Oh what fab tags!!! They are awesome!
    I love floral swirl, bicycle and the backgound stamp dotted...and all of the others too, lols.
    I´ll go back and have a look at the tags again

    Have a fab weekend,


  20. Fantastic tags! Stamps are amazing! I love all.
    Magda x

  21. I think that it is completely natural for we crafty gals to develop a big fat juicy crush on Mr. Tim Holtz!! I had to come back, because your blog has that area that says, "You might also like...." and there is like, 5 pix of him in a row!!! You bet I like, haha!!


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