Friday, September 4, 2009

A Big Heart Felt Thank YOU!


Thank you so much for the warm and kind birthday love! Popping onto the blog and seeing that crazy picture of myself made me wonder what was going on....then reading the message made me smile.

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!! My life is filled with blessings and friendship with a career that I LOVE. There is nothing more I could want and ask. THAT is the best birthday present ever!!!!

Thank you to the folks who took the time to send me personal messages. I have some lovely cards on display in my office that are making me grin just looking at them. Silly ones, funny ones, sweet ones, sentimental ones, friendship cards....all of these things are what make our "paper crafting" so touching in others' lives!

This thing that we all have in common - you know? - I'll call it paper crafting because there isn't one good word that describes it, and even paper crafting sells it short because so many of you are using much more than know? This wonderful common bond we all share brings great joy into the lives of the people around us. I am sure most of you have seen the look on someone's face when you gave them a handmade card..or heard the joy in their voice. Handmade is from the heart and on a day like yesterday when I got to be on the receiving end of it, it reminded me how special it is.

Please continue your habit, your passion, your interest, your spreads the love around the world and touches souls that may need a little watering.

I am eternally grateful for your kindness and wish all of you a beautiful and blessed life!

A heartfelt thanks to the girls here at the Simon home office - my "girls"! Personal thanks and a bit about our team:

Amber brings joy to our hearts. I tried to get her singing and dancing a birthday diddy on video yesterday, but I wasn't fast enough! Her energy is contagious and we eat it up! She is the tiniest bundle of energy you ever saw. Amber is known for her huge appetite and refreshing energy! We met when we were both pregnant with our (now 2 year old) little boys. I call her my little sister, but she teases me about my age - and probably thinks of me more like a "mom"! To make me feel better about my age, she got me "happy 21st birthday" balloons. It made me laugh until my belly ached! It's not always fun and games at Simon, we have a serious side too!

Carla is our Simon team "mom". She is the real life mom of our other teammate Terra, and is a tremendous creative talent! Martha Stewart aint got nuttin on Carla ;) She is a helpful addition at Simon and works behind the scenes to keep customer orders filled quickly. Man, I wish I had a picture of Carla...oh we do! from the archives.....!

Stephanie is not only reliable & dependable - she is HILARIOUS! Her background is in design and upon first meeting her, I thought she was reserved and quiet. HA! She has a personality like none other and often has one liners that make you stop dead in your tracks and pee your pants laughing. She catches on quickly and has a quick wit to match. She has been a big help with the blog recently and you may see her spreading the love!

Terra is calm, steady, kind, filled with love and sweetness. Her organization and methodical approach give Simon a strong backbone. Her love of penguins inspired our exclusive stamp set "Terra's Penguins". Being a mother of 3 children under 4 years old and keeping me in line at Simon keeps Terra very very busy. Crunching numbers? Terra loves it! She also has that funny sense of humor we all love too! She has the BEST laugh!

My hubby, Jason is my rock! I love you with all my heart! Thank you for supporting me!

Joining us soon will be a much anticipated lovely addition to our team. Katie will be joining us soon to better help us serve YOU! She recently moved to Ohio from Indiana and we can't wait to let her in on some good old fashioned Buckeye Fun!

Although there are many others who touch our lives here at Simon's home office, I wanted to give you a look into the personalities of our "core group". Heather and Hallie have brought much needed part time help to the team. We will be eternally grateful for their help!

Our Design Team goes beyond EVERY SINGLE WEEK to inspire and challenge creatively. Right now they have the biggest challenge of our Simon history going on at the Simon Says Stamp Challenge Blog HERE. I hope you will join them!!!! There is a HUGE prize up for grabs! Thank you to Lorraine, Chris, Jo, and the entire Design Team for your hard work and brilliant creations! Bloggers, please keep stopping back next week as we start featuring the DT members on the blog. Bev and Jay Jay are delightful additions to the creative team at Simon. Chris also runs our group at Paper Craft Planet.
Our Design Team:











Jay Jay

See what I mean? Having folks around here like this makes it EASY for me to be happy and cheerful each day. Our goal is to work hard for our customers and make our customers happy too! We want to give customers the best quality, most innovative and creative products available in the entire world. We literally search to the ends of the earth to find the best stuff! With a team like this, it is no wonder we have been able to become a force in the paper crafting world and offer over 100,000 items to our customers.

Much luv and many many many thanks!

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  1. oooohhhhh can I work in your office please...the travelling to work would be a bit long so maybe one day a week would work lol... after reading this I feel like hopping on a plane to come visit you lol
    What a wonderful team
    Mina xxx

  2. What a wonderful team - no, FAMILY - you have at Simon Says Stamp. It looks like there is a lot of fun, creativity, and love there :)

  3. It sure looks like you all have a ball at work over there !! :-) I'll come with Mina ,,, we can chat on our way to work lol :-)

    It is a pleasure to be a part of your team Heidi,,, you are a fantastic boss and we all luv you lots x x

    lols x x x

  4. Oh, I'm sooo sorry I missed your birthday! Happy belated!! Birthdays should last longer than a day since they take a year to get here.

    Many thanks for the Lucky Duck was like Christmas opening that great big box. Here's what I did with that awesome Martha Stewart Drippy Goo punch..and how cool is it that it folds up!!?

    And guess what...I'm a transplanted Buckeye, too!!


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