Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat!

Back from Trick or Treating with my little fireman. Did you trick or treat? We did a big loop and the little guy had enough candy for the next year!

We had an Aussie customer email us that she was throwing a halloween party. Do you trick or treat where in the world you live? Would love to hear...and I think our readers would too!

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  1. aww aint he cute :), looks like he will have plenty of candy for a while eh :), over here in Northern Ireland we dont so much say Trick or Treat, we have a little song instead, dont know if you have heard it but it goes like

    Halloween's coming on
    and the goose is getting fat
    would you please put a penny
    in the old man's hat
    if you haven't got a penny
    a ha'penny will do
    if you haven't got a ha'penny
    then God bless you

    I remember singing this when i was a little girl, now that i think of it, would have been much easier and quicker just to say Trick or Treat wouldnt it hehe



  2. So cute Heidi!! My kids are out Trick or Treating right now. HAPPY HALLOWEEN. Hope your hubby feels better soon.

  3. Aw, what a cutie! We took our little Fairy Princess out last night. So fun to watch her have so much fun!!

  4. unfortunately here in Malta/Gozo ,,, not much in the way of halloween celebrations but a couple of parties were organised for the teenagers this year,, so maybe things will improve :-) We have had a halloween party at home for the past few years ,,, but it was the only one here !!!! :-)

    doesn't he look CUTE !! :-) who could resist giving him loads of candy :-)

    Lols x x


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