Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Awesome Air-Brushing!

Starter System ABS-1

Starter System ABS-2

WOW!!! Get both HERE!

New from Copic...a brand new way to add beauty to your creations for beginners to experts. This is a must have for every Copic fan!

Your favorite COPIC markers can easily become an airbrush. Copic markers and Sketch markers both work with the Airbrush System. Simply insert the standard broad or medium broad end of a Copic marker or Sketch marker into the air grip. The air grip can be hooked up to an air compresso or used with a special air can. Changing colors is as easy as switching markers.

Copic's ABS DVD Series Promo from Pushplay Productions on Vimeo.

Airbrush effects can be achieved using COPIC Markers in a special attachment available through this web site. The air source can be portable air cans or an air compressor.

Use the chisel end of the marker in the special airbrush adapter for COPIC Markers.

Pressure should be around 45 pounds per square inch (PSI)

Always practice moving the airbrush close to and farther away from paper surface to achieve graduate tones.

Making simple masks or stencils from paper, stick-on notes, or special stencil film will help control the areas of spray by the airbrush. Torn paper can give a very good edge for landscape work.

Many books and magazines are available on using airbrushes, Most refer to the traditional airbrush but many of the techniques also apply to the COPIC system.

Airbrushed effects can be used in illustration, comics, background sets for animation, etc.

Have fun!!!


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  1. This is such a great tool, I love the effects that you can get with it. It's definately on my Wish List LOL !!!



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