Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stamping 'Til The Cows Come Home

It's harvesting time here in Ohio and the tractors are working long into the night harvesting the corn fields. My kids LOVE seeing the tractors so they are pretty excited when we are driving down the road these days.

This time of the year makes me think of playing around on my grandfather's farm when I was little. My favorite was when he let me sit on his lap and drive the combine. I thought I was pretty cool. What can I say, I'm a country girl at heart. Just ask the girls in the office, since I make them listen to country music!

He also had cows, pigs and chickens. I just loved being around all the animals. I found some great cards courtesy of the Inky Antics website that feature some of their fabulous farm animal stamps. I thought it would be an appropriate time to share them with you!

The first is a card, to the right, was designed by Lana Lepinski. I love the earthy color combination of this one and I really like how she tore the green paper framing the image at the bottom.

The stamps she used are Cornstalk, Cow, and Cow Are You? Doesn't that cow just look too cute for words?!?

The Inky Antics farming line of stamps are great for coloring! Use your Watercolor Pencils and Aqua Flo Brushes or your Copic Markers and make these happy little creatures come to life!

The next card, below, was designed by Bev Gerard. I like how she used the pinks and browns to make this a girly card. I also really like the layering. I am a big fan of layering - my cards tend to be thicker than they are tall (ha ha ha).

The stamps she used in this card are Duck and What's Up, Duck?. He looks like a friendly little guy, doesn't he....

Check out our STORE and search for all the Inky Antics stamps we carry. There are tons to choose from and they are soooooo cute!

Since I am reliving my childhood and feeling a little nostalgic today, I am wondering what your favorite childhood memory is involving your grandparents. Is it baking? Making crafts (that's a good one!)? Or maybe it's playing a favorite card game or hiking in the woods.... Let me know, I would love to hear your stories!

Thanks for "making" my day!

It's Heidi here, hijacking Terra's post. Can I just say that Ohio really is the heart of it all? Seeing the farmers growing crops for our families is a real blessing. If you haven't been to a working farm lately, I would highly recommend it! Our friends have their own "little farm" with several chickens, sheep, and sometimes pigs & cows too. They give us eggs, and they are the best eggs I have ever tasted! Ohio is full of family owned farms - many organic. It is one of our son's favorite things to do - see the farms. I am finally old enough to REALLY appreciate what I have grown up in the middle of all of my life. Thanks Terra for mentioning it!!

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  1. Your cards are gorgeous!
    I love them both!
    Hugs from germany Gisela

  2. I just placed my very first order on simonsays. I cannot wait til my stuff gets here... lol

  3. Cute cards - I love what Bev did with the ribbon.

    My Nanny M. lived in an apartment above the garage behind our house for the last part of her life. I loved going up to visit her. She always had jello!


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