Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tim Holtz Valentine Art!

Happy Valentine's Day folks! Enjoy the above valentine courtesy of Tim Holtz using Ranger Products! See Tim's BLOG HERE.

My favorite color is yellow and hubby knows it! He and our little boy went to our favorite store these days - COSTCO! and picked out a beautiful yellow rose bouquet for mommy! The babysitter came over last night so hubby and I could enjoy an "adults only" dinner. When she saw the roses, it was really funny - she whispered to my hubby "who gave her yellow flowers?" I chirped up "Jason did! They are my favorite color!" In the background our little guy who is 2 and a half says "Yewwow is mommy's fawowite!".

What's your favorite color!? I like yellow because it is bright and sunny and makes me smile to see. Bright. Yes, bright is good! Do you know why your favorite color is your fave? We would love to hear!

Don't forget to tell those you love "I love you!". It's a beautiful day for celebrating love and God's glory!

Much luv

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  1. Waw stunning work of art, love it! Hugs,moni

  2. I so love that tag Tim made. Gorgeous colors. My favorite color for flowers is white, because it freshens my mind. my favorite color to play with is cream and brown, yep the vintage colors. Makes me think back of the old day's when the world seems to be a little more kind.

    Enjoy your Valentine's day

  3. favorite color is blue because it's calming. Love the tag.

  4. I saw this tag on Tim Holtz blog - it is gorgeous. I am huge fan of his work. Regarding colors.... I love white flowers, but roses - yellow.

  5. That tags rocks, doesn't it?

    I'm a purple kind of girl, and keep hoping for a bunch of those silvery purple roses.

    (Note to The Dude: Still hoping....)


  6. lucky you, my fav colour is purple, but when it comes to flowers you cannot beat yellow...I had yellow and cream roses and freesias in my bridal bouquet !

  7. Wow this is fabulous - what great talent!!!

    My favourite colour of Rose would be pale Pink

    Happy Valentine's Day


  8. Wowee!! My fave colour is lilac/purple. I don't know why.. it's very relaxing, rich and classy to me.. maybe it reflects some of me (not the rich part though!! lol)

  9. My favoirte color of roses is yellow, really don't care for the red ones. Happy Valentines Day.

  10. As a child, my favorite colours was red of course. One day, I got tired of it, and told my mom that I don't want to wear red clothes anymore xD Now I have been fond of blue (and violet) for several years, but lately I have realised, how great brown can look. I don't know reason for that.

  11. Wow, this is fabulous!
    My favourite colour is blue - think because it reminds me of summer skies and the ocean! But then again, I have 'red' days too, and have no idea what that makes me think of! LOL!

  12. I love pink because it is so soft and beautiful!


  13. stunning tag, if you mean roses it has to be red or to fav colour, love pink but I dont really have a favourite just love colour
    Mina xxx

  14. I have 2 favourite colours, I love white as it's clean ,fresh and turquoise blue well I like most blues but turqoise best, and together they remind me of being a young teenager laying on the grass cloud watching on lazy warm summer days. I love wearing turquoise but would probably look like a walking marquee if I wore white now, sadly I'm too old to get away with it anymore except as a shirt but definitely not a whole outfit even though I'd love to. Thanks for sharing julye

  15. what beautiful roses :-) I love yellow too, my favourites have to be daffodils ,, such a happy flower :-)

    gorgeous tag too ,,, beautiful :-)

    Lols x x x

  16. Wow, das sieht so fabelhaft aus
    lg gila


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