Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Gift For Everyone All Week Long!

We have been busy adding gifts like the rhinestones above to ALL orders. We will continue to add gifts to all of this week's orders too - they've been a huge hit!

The card above is compliments of Peggy! The House Mouse Stamps are all available in our Simon says Stamp store. Isn't it adorable! ? Here is her note:

I just wanted to thank you so much again for adding those so cute rhinestones that I mentioned it here when I made a card with the stamp and one rhinestone. I will not be hoarding them...well, maybe a little. LOL
Here is the link to my card!

Have you received a gift with your order? We would love to see how you are using it! Have a great week!

Don't forget, we still have a coupon valid for 24 more hours...see blog post from Friday to get the code!

Much luv,

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  1. Yes yes yes I received free gemstones with my oh so wonderful Distress refills (OH I LOVE THEM, thanks girls!!!) and you know I love bling. I use gemstones all the time! You are the angels for stampers heaven *smile*. Oh and I love you, too!!!

  2. Heidi, what a another surprise...well,this is just another smile on my heart. I so love this "sisterhood" of stampers/crafters/cardmakers. Thank you for highlighting my card and I will be back for some shopping soon.

    Kindly, Peggy

  3. How sweet Peggy! You have such a way with cards...and making people's day! Hugs to you!!!

  4. Lovely card by Peggy, she is as sweet as that little mousie.... I like the one rhinestone idea, great way for a hoarder to break out, pretty soon she will be using half a packet on every card like a little someone else I know!

  5. What an adorable card Peggy made!! Thanks for sharing it here with all of us!!

  6. This is such a sweet card you got Heidi..It was sent by one of the sweetest stampers I know.. Great card Peggy...:)

  7. What a cute card that Peggy made with that sweet house mouse. I was just asked last night if I had seen that stamp and said "no". Now I can say, oh yeah, I saw a card that Peggy made with it.

    That is a very nice gesture sending those rhinestones with your orders, totally free.

  8. Well! There is a card from one of my most favorite people and stampers! My Sistah Peggy! It seems Simon Says gifted Peggy with gemstones, Peggy gifted Simon Says with one of her wonderful card creations and her HUGE heart, Simon Says gifted Peggy with posting her card, Peggy gifted Simon Says with people visiting who have not seen this blog before, and we are all gifted with the experience!


  9. Ohhh what a fabulous house mouse card from Peggy!!! I have the great pleasure of knowing Peggy -and she is a real gem!!!

    Darling card!!! Love it Peggy!

    Deborah from SCS


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