Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Practicing Creativity!

Personally, I am a huge fan of polka dots - they have so many uses...and they look cool! I really like how the above card has a polka dot background combined with plaid - it gives it extra depth and is a terrific combination with the buttons and pearl embellishments. Practicing Creativity has a few different designs that help to get the creative juices flowing. I like the various polka dot patterns on this set - think of how many color combinations you could do! And For the Love of Dots, we all know they never go out of style!

Isn't this card awesome?!

Key to My Heart

Luckily, YOU (yes, YOU!) can create a card like this at home thanks to the Practicing Creativity clear stamp set Key to My Heart! From what I've seen in fashion and from simple observation, keys are hot this season (especially in the stamping world)! I appreciate that this set has different styles of keys and a few sayings to go with. Not only that, but it gives you pattern options!

Got hot air...balloons?

It's been way too long since I've seen a hot air balloon actually up in the sky. Sure, I've seen plenty while driving by real estate, but I miss the good ole' days when you could look up in the sky and spot a hot air balloon! They remind me of when I was little, living in Worthington, Ohio...for some reason we used to see a lot of hot air balloons near my house...

Anywho, isn't this stamp set exquisite? I like that the balloons vary in size and pattern - anyone ever seen a polka dot hot air balloon before this stamp set? Practicing Creativity had the brilliant idea to even have a few stamps of just the strings and basket of the balloon so you can draw your own! The possibilities are nearly endless...or as Look Up set says "the Sky's the limit."

On a different note, many of you know that Mother's Day is coming up. Hopefully you are already stocked up on supplies for that, but if you are last minute shopper, feel free to browse and see what Simon Says Stamp has to offer.

For those of you who feel like looking & planning ahead, Father's Day is June 20th. It can be difficult to find manly-looking supplies for your stamping and card-making needs, but Practicing Creativity has solved our problem. You're the Man is a humorous stamp set by Practicing Creativity that conveniently has various patterns and manly-man compliments. You can even shorten the compliment to say "You the Man" instead of "You're the Man".

Hopefully this has been helpful to anyone who has felt like they needed a little push in the creative direction.

Don't forget:

-Sarah : )

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