Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What Inspires You?

Hellloooo from the offices of Simon Says Stamp!

Every day I drive past Highbanks Metro Park on my way to work. It is less than 1 mile from our office park and warehouse. LUCKEEEEE DUCKS we are! This time of year is a special blessing because after a cold dark long winter, the park is alive with color and life. During my lunch, and often after work, I walk over there for some inspiration and mental planning time. Often, I enjoy a short hike. On today's hike I saw a vibrant blue jay. These nature hikes feed my soul. Do you have a park near you? What inspires you?

These are some of the pictures I took today. Can you see the puffy white clouds through the trees? The clouds remind me of Hero Arts' CLOUDS rubber stamp. The stream reminded me of the beautiful colors we've blended recently using Tim Holtz' alcohol inks. Sitting in my office running reports, writing email, planning marketing and absorbed in a day of work, it is delightful to know that just over my right shoulder is a whole world calling to be explored.

We would love to hear from you! It would be a special gift to hear what feeds your soul...what inspires you? Please do share!


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  1. The beach inspires me. Walking barefoot on the sand feelong it between my toes, listening to the roar of the beautiful ocean and the pounding surf. Watching the surfers catch the wild waves and glide down them so freely. Walking along and smelling the salt air refreshes me with a light breeze blowing all of the time. I love the beach, the colors so sutle and pure. THis is my place of insperation, my place to think the place a turn to almost daily. Thank you for sharing yours, the pictures are beautiful.

  2. My children inspire me, that is why I adore the Sarah Kay stamps as they are so like my sons. I like the innocent quality to them. I also love materials, the textures, velvet, satin and silk and like to create this effect when I am colouring clothes, to give the dimmension of the fabric in the colour, this is why I love Tim Holtz distressed inks as this is the perfect medium to recreate this.
    The trees where you are look stunning, what a beautiful walk to work x

  3. I loooove Highbanks Metro Park, Heidi! You all are so lucky there. I also used to enjoy Olentangy park too! These days, though, color inspires me. As a former quilter, I love putting colors and patterns together. Making cards is a way I can do that and get my young children involved too. (needles + scissors + kids = a disaster!) Thanks for reminding me of that pretty place. Enjoy this beautiful spring weather! Lisa :-)

  4. oh lots of things inspire me but i love pictures of any skyline. they're all so beautiful. pictures of skyline makes me wanna go beyond..and dream...and wish...

  5. Wow that looks like a fab park when I have time we like visiting our nearby parks or go into Derbyshire and the peak district. When I don't have time for that my family or my garden are what I use for inspiration. Its quite large and the weeds are winning the war at the moment but all the pretty spring flowers are popping through too and we have frogs and newts in the stream and loads of fish in the pond. I get quite a lot of birds visiting too so its like my own nature haven and a wonderful inspiration too . Julye

  6. Blogs like yours feed my soul along with nature, songs, and rows of material or scrapebook paper. I love walking or clicking into stores that show colorful hand made items. The video's that are on your site and others really inspire me to try new techniques. Talking my morning walk helps inspire me and plan for my day of art.

  7. Ich lasse mich ispirieren auf anderen Blogs und hier.
    Wir im Dorf sind nur 300 Einwohner und haben auch einen Park, wo ich sehr gern hingehe, anschauen die Blumen Bl├Ątter, wie man sie echt colorieren kann.
    lg gila

  8. I get inspiration from the little things in life, like when I see a colorful shirt or a tree in the sun. Inspiration is all around, you just have to open your eyes!!


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