Sunday, May 9, 2010

Days of Honor!

First off, today is Mother's Day - Happy Mother's Day to all of the mommas out there! Thank you for all you do and for instilling values in your children : )

One of the values my mom wanted me to know about was chivalry. Sure, it seems a bit old fashioned these days, but in my mind, the idea of chivalry extends beyond knights in shining armor and damsels in distress. In fact, I think that anyone can be a knight in shining armor; to me, chivalry is simply a genuine act of kindness - treating each other as human beings and taking care of those around you, regardless of gender.

Knight Ship

In honor of good values, I have decided that it'd be nice to send someone a card that says something along the lines of "Thanks for fighting for what's right" and I think that this Stampendous rubber stamp called Knight Ship would fit perfectly. Or maybe a friend or someone you know just needs a little encouragement and this stamp could be used with a "Stay afloat" sentiment.

Large Inverted Scalloped Squares

I am very lucky in that, each day, there is at least one person around to encourage me or make me smile and I feel that it is necessary to say thank you. I love making cards to say thank you to those who brighten my day, but sometimes I find myself falling into the same old patterns. To help get out of the box, it helps to have other shapes! Spellbinders has MANY options to help with this! One that I really like is the new Large Inverted Scalloped Squares. Sure, it's still a box but it is fancier than straight edges and it sort of resembles a in a "You brighten my day" sentiment!

Large Scalloped Octagons

And...for those of you who want to completely leave the box behind, Spellbinders has other options such as the Large Scalloped Octagons! The thing that I really like about Spellbinders is that they can be used for anything - for example, I think this one resembles water or goo, so it could be used for a pool or Halloween party! Spellbinders has a lot of really awesome dies of different shapes, but personally, my favorites are the Nestabilities because I like having the option of different sizes!

Today is Mother's Day, yes, but why not extend the idea of honoring someone beyond only one day a year - we should honor others daily! And, as many moms may say, "It's nice to be nice!" Every day should involve chivalry, whether it be holding the door open for the person behind you or simply saying thank you!!

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope everyone has a splendid day : )

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  1. So true, it pays to be nice. My mum is no longer here but I had the best one thats for sure and she definitely instilled the importance of treating people like you like to be treated yourself. Happy Mothers day to you all in the USA.

  2. Euch auch einen schönen Muttertag!!!

    Meine Mama schaut vom Himmel runter zu uns. Ich vermisse sie sehr.
    lg gila

  3. I think without values, society wouldn't be as happy as it is today.

    Happy Mothers Day to all.


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