Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Weekend - So Charming!

Small Medium Hearts
Happy Saturday! I have a very, very busy Memorial weekend this year. My sister and her husband will be visiting as well as my college roommate from freshman year, I may go to a soccer game on Saturday, and my friend's parents are having us over for a cookout on Monday! I am excited to see everyone, but I'm hoping I don't get too exhausted from all of the fun activities (as if that could happen!). I'm thinking that, because I have Monday off, I will just enjoy the weather.

There is a 75% chance that I will design a few cards and maybe, if I'm feeling motivated enough, I will make a charm bracelet or two. We have TONS of charms here and I've been eyeing some by Blue Moon, especially. They have a few different kinds of heart charms and I thought it might be neat to make a charm bracelet for my mom or grandma, just because. In addition to the Small Medium Hearts (see above left), there are Large Hearts Lost & Found (see right) that would be nice for variety.

If I decide to make a bracelet for myself, too, I would choose the keys. For some reason, I have always thought old skeleton keys were cool. I found one in our basement once, but no one in my family had any clue where it came from (maybe that's why I like them, hehe). Anywho, Blue Moon has Silver Key Charms that I like. Perhaps I will use them to make a necklace instead - I'm personally more of a necklace person these days. I might even save them and use them on a card (check out the Blog Challenge involving tent card and charms - SO many remarkable works!!).

I can't wait to get some work done this weekend in between all of the social fun! Sorry to gush so much, but I really do love weekends...they are like a reset button for my brain - I like to get a bunch of tasks accomplished so that I'm ready for the next week. We shall see how productive I am though! : )

Have a stupendous weekend!!

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  1. WOW! These are gorgeous! These would be perfect on so many things especially cards for soldiers through Operation Write Home! Thanks for supporting this awesome organization!

  2. lovely charms ,, it is almost impossibe for me to make a card without one now !! I love the Blue Moon ones and 7 gypsies particularly ,,, such lovely quality and design :-)
    hope you had a lovely weekend to re charge your batteries Sarah :-)

    Lols x x x


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