Friday, May 14, 2010

CTP and Trend Scratch 'N Sniff Awesomeness!!

I am extremely excited this week because we just placed product from Creative Teaching Press (CTP) and Trend into our store! Sure, we get new product delivered just about daily from our different manufacturers, but this product is especially excellent because it is Vintage Scratch 'n Sniff Stickers! These can no longer be found in everyday stores as they are collectible and really hard to find. Nostalgia at it's finest! As my family can vouch, I have always loved stickers - used to have a collection on my dresser when I was younger, which drove my mom crazy - but these are scratch 'n sniff!! :D

These stickers are directly from our store owner's personal collection. Heidi and her sister have collected these since 1977!

Berry Good
I have had a field day going through them and trying to sniff without scratching (wouldn't want to scratch someone's future stickers!) but they still smell great! I think I have seen these actual stickers before on various homework papers and quizzes from my elementary school teachers, which makes the scent-memory work even stronger. For example: Berry Good, from Trend - I'm almost certain I received this on some form of spelling or writing worksheet!

And then there is Poppin' Good, which I remember because it always made me want some popcorn! One of the coolest things about these stickers, besides the memories they bring back is that they can be used for so many different things. Maybe you feel like writing a letter to a friend to catch up - these stickers could be used to seal the envelope or you could put them at the top of the letter! Or maybe your child is working on her letters and needs some extra encouragement to continue practice (I know these would have motivated me!). Either way, I'm sure the receiver would be ecstatic about the throwback to the old days or simply to get a sticker! And who doesn't like scratch n' sniff stickers?!

Nice Work Orange
So I have gushed about the Trends stickers, but we also have those from CTP! I remember the Nice Work Orange and the way they just about make your mouth water. It reminds me of visiting my dad's office when we were younger. My sisters and I used to bond over stealing his scratch n' sniff markers and smelling each one before coloring a picture for him - I decided for a while that the orange one smelled the best. Ah, the good old days of slap bracelets and leggings!

I had forgotten about the days of scratch 'n sniff stickers adorning grey lined writing paper until the boxes of this product were opened - it was seriously like Christmas! I had forgotten that I secretly like the smell of scratch 'n sniff Very Good Pickle! I had forgotten the cool sunglasses the pickle wears! How absurd - a pickle wearing glasses - or even just a scratch 'n sniff pickle sticker in general! I've always heard that scents bring back memories, but it really is true. These stickers are such a simple joy that I can't help but to recommend them to teachers, parents, friends, etc!

Clearly, these stickers have made my week but think of the happiness and excitement you could bestow on someone else with vintage scratch 'n sniff stickers! It's my time to sign out, but I hope you all have a fantastic weekend full of nice smells!! :)

Heads up....there are literally HUNDREDS more packs and individuals of stickers that are being listed into the store. We are doing our best to scan and represent every single set of these treasures. Collectors beware! You can complete your collection here!

Have fun!

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  1. Wow, I just went speeding down memory lane! One look at the "Poppin Good" stickers and I could smell that (almost) popcorn scent again. I also remember the pickle stickers, but nothing beats the popcorn. Thanks for the memories!


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