Friday, May 21, 2010

Stamps as Big as Your Head!

The title of this blog is true - we really do have stamps that are as big, if not bigger than your head! I was stunned this week when Reba (one of my amazing coworkers!!!) picked a Stamps Happen wood mounted rubber stamp called Olde World Map for an order: I held it up to my head and it completely covered my face! I really like this stamp, not only for it's immense size, but for the way it makes my imagination run. My dad collects old books and this stamp makes me think of them, but also the adventure and terror that must have been involved in sailing across the ocean in the "olden days." I guess I just like the detail and discovery in old maps in general. : ) I would love to see how someone uses this stamp - from the Challenge Blog, I've seen SO much creativity that has opened my mind, and I bet this would make a really neat card or design for a gift bag or whatever else!

Silhouette Grass
Next we have Silhouette Grass, by Hero Arts. It is also a wood mounted rubber stamp but it is only nearly as big as my head (haha). I like this one because it reminds me of vacations that I've been lucky to take with my family while growing up. For Spring break one year, we went to North Carolina with some family friends. I remember enjoying North Carolina - the sand was soft and the company was very amusing, but unfortunately the only day that I got to experience a sunny day at the beach was our last day there - it otherwise poured every day! The nighttime weather was fine and we walked their little dog Scooter on the beach, but we had a running joke about the constant rain: "I think it's letting up..." Oh, the good ole days! I'm going to have to make some cards for people using this stamp - just looking at it makes me feel relaxed and reminds me to take a deep breath and enjoy the day.

Exhibit 3 for stamps as big as your head: Nutty Friends, a wood mounted rubber stamp by House Mouse. I. Love. This. Stamp. Even though peanuts are technically in the legume category, this stamp cracks me up. I like that the mouse on the far left is balancing three on his nose and that little one napping on the peanut is adorable! It makes me want peanuts and reminds me (oh, more memories!) of my grandma's house because she seemed to keep peanuts or pistachios around for my grandpa a lot. Even though you have to crack open the shells, to get to what's inside, peanuts are definitely worth it...unless you're allergic to them. Good news though - even if you're allergic to peanuts, you can use this sweet stamp! : D I'm thinking this image would be nice as an invite for a "game day" party or similar social event where there are a variety of snacks on the coffee table.

For now, I'm off to figure out when I can plan a party or weekend getaway! I'm once again in the mood for fun and relaxation : ) Hope you all have a lovely Friday and weekend!! It's supposed to rain here in Ohio so maybe I'll soon be shopping for peanuts and similar snacks for an enjoyable inside day!


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