Thursday, May 27, 2010

We Are Living in a Material World and I Am A...

Material Girl

Happy Thursday, everyone! Unless you're not in to pop culture in the 80's I'm thinking that you can finish my sentence in our blog title...yep, that's right, you guessed it...MATERIAL GIRL! :)

This super sweet collection has been very popular for Cosmo Cricket, and they decided to join forces with Unity and make a couple really great stamp sets inspired by the line! Get all the accessories to make the great card examples above!

Get Scrappy With

Ready Set Chipboard


Crafting Kit

Mini Deck

***Blog Candy Alert! Join our following and tell me your favorite song from the 80's and you could win a Material Girl 6 x 6 Mini Deck!! Super sweet paper that's perfect for a variety of crafting in the of luck!! I will announce the winner on Thursday, June 3rd!

Keep those creative juices flowing!


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  1. Man, this is HARD to pick just ONE song!! I think I will choose "Friday Im in love" by the Cure. There's so many I love but that one always gets me singing along.

  2. Ooooh, I LOVE Material Girl, and hopped onto Simon Says Stamps to order my stamp set before I even commented... DELISH!! I can't wait to get 'em!

  3. erm.... this is tricky but i think i am going to say The 'winner takes it all' by ABBA stop laughing i like ABBA lol thankyou for the chance of winning this fab prize xx

  4. LOVE this collaboration ... gotta get me some o'this goodness!!

    ONE song?!? Impossible ... how 'bout one artist/group/duo: The BeeGees!!!

    Thanks for the chance to win me some fabulousness!!

  5. Got to lov me some 80's Bon Jovi... Livin on a Prayer :)

  6. Well, I think my favourite song from the eighties is Under pressure by Queen and David Bowiew :) although it is hard to say, because I love the eighties, that's when I was born ;)

    Thanks for the chance to win, love that deck (and also the song, of course)

  7. every breath you take by Police....still taking away my breath now each time i hear this song...

  8. Aww beautiful things!! Thank you for the chance to win :) a song of the 80's?? Mmm that's a hard one because I was born on mid-80's so I don't know any song lol

  9. Oh, pick me, pick me!!! This is one of my all time fave lines and I've almost used all of my 6x6 pad!!! I need a new one!!!

    Anything by ABBA is great!!!


  10. Cute stamp set!!!

    I always loved ANother One Bites the Dust, by Queen... Probably because it was our theme song for the football team one year when I was in high school.

    Ladies.... We are showing our age here! LOL

  11. Betty Davis Eyes was a favourite for me. thanks for the chance to win this cute set

  12. I love all songs from the 80's, but for tonight, I'll pick Sister Christian.

  13. well that is easy, my wedding song, Chicago's 'You're My Inspiration'
    thanks for the fun!

  14. Too much FUN! Well, I believe the 80's had some of the BEST MUSIC and it will be hard to pick just one!

    There are so many....but one that really sticks is Bette Davis eyes, by Kim Carnes. Love that song still, but a little earlier and still in the 80's was Fleetwood Mac, with Landslide. Another awesome one!

    Thanks for the thoughts down memory lane and some of my most favorite times!

    Oh and Thank you for the chance at winning.

  15. I've always love Brother louie by Modern Talking :)

  16. Wow, this brings back memories!
    I love the 80's music.
    One of my all time favourite is Foreinger "I wanna know what love is". Rembember this one?

  17. My favourite 80's song is "La isla Bonita" by Madonna. Very cool song.
    Thank you for offering this Candy!

  18. Hard to pick one song, I love Madonna! Feb new goodies, love to win it! Hugs,moni

  19. Idon't know if I have a favorite 80's song. I'm not old enough to have heard the songs as they came out, but I frequently listen to a radio-station that is sending songs from those times too. Living on a prayer comes to mind, though... =)

  20. Oh Steph! Now this song is racing through my head! LOVE IT! Great products! COOL BLOG!

    Remember that how it's spelled? Let's play it at the office today!

    -Heidi from Simon Says Stamp

  21. 99 Luftballons - JK!

    But seriously - wow - back then anything Billy Joel, Elton John, Paul McCartney...I could go on and on.

  22. The 80's....some of the best music EVER!! I would have to pick Def Leppard "Pour Some Sugar on Me". Thanks for a chance to win some fab paper!

  23. I have so many favs from the 80's, but one of them is Jack & Diane. (John Cougar-Mellencamp) :)

  24. Soooo many memories.. I'll mention just one: People are People.. by Depeche Mode :))

    Thanks xx

  25. Oooh... I'm going to say "All fired up" and anything else by Pat Benatar! I love belting out her songs at weddings!! I was born in '81, so I'm really only able to appreciate this music now! Love it! Thanks ♥

  26. Oh these are fabulous!!!! Yum yum candy!

    Ok im an 80's baby but i have to say my favourite song from that decade is FAST CAR by TRACY CHAPMAN
    Its stillan awesome song today 22 years on

    love tasha xx

  27. oh, goomie. this is one of my FAVE new collections from CC - it's fabulous!

    if i had to pick ONE song from the '80s (which is SO my era!), i'd have to go with "The Promise" by When in Rome... though if you ask me tomorrow, it will likely be something different. :D (i did lullz at Heidi's answer though - is she talking about "Sussudio", by Phil Collins?)

  28. I cant pick one song - no way! - Just reading through the comments I love all of the ones that people mentioned. hehe

  29. One of my favorite songs from the 80's would be Candle in the Wing by Elton John.

    Thanks for a chance to win some blog candy.

  30. Keep up the good work. Best of luck. From

  31. Hungry like the wolf by Duran Duran


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