Sunday, June 20, 2010

ARRRRR you ready for this one?

I'm really impressed by what I've seen in the Simon Says Stamp Challenge so far and I'm excited to see what else people come up with!

This card (above by Martine!) and the next two below (by Debby and Lols) all use Blue Moon's metal Pirate charms. I love the collage feel that so many of our designers use - not only do they use great-lookin' paper, but they'll throw in a charm or maybe some pearl or gem embellishments. These charms are the perfect addition to these cards for obvious reasons, but they could also be used for various other things. I'm thinking that the ship's wheel and the anchor might be nice for a nautically themed card. The skull would be nice for something involving rock & roll or even Halloween. These charms are metal and would be pretty sweet if used in a charm bracelet or some form of necklace, too.

Card below made by: Fish Breath Glynnis (aka Debby)
Pirates are known for their wild behavior and their pillaging, but also for their sense of exploration and fearlessness - all are qualities that make them so appealing! Many of us are in love with Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, but Edwin is pretty cute in his pirate costume. I love the colors that Lols used when making her card (see below). They are light, but remind me of foggy waters. I love how she colored the skull and the sentiment, "Arrr t'is Yer Birthday!" is not only cute but funny : ) One more thing that I like about this card: the background of the clock - it's kind of Captain Hook. If you like it too, check out the Timeworks Mask by Tim Holtz!!!

I really like the stack of coins in the bottom right corner and the torn brown paper is reminiscent of a treasure map or even burlap, which are both pirate-ish. I love the fact that Edwin and his sword stand out from the background - such a cool way to spice up any card! Lovely work Chris!

I love this card made by Domi because of the flowers, foliage, and the paper. She also did a great job coloring Tilda and I like the ribbon in the corner (sooo...basically I like the whole thing!). The paper she used - if I'm not mistaken - is by Magnolia and called Red Chef Plaid.

I love the gem embellishments that Marcea used for this card! It's perfect because pirates love treasure and also because they just look good! It may be hard to see from this angle, but the "AHOY" letters are glittery too. I absolutely LOVE when cards are tied together like this - the bits of sparkle and gems throughout the card are so fun! We have lots of different gem embellishments like this, but I would recommend Prima Center Kisses because they come in different shapes and sizes.

There are SO many good things to say about each of the Design Teamers and their creative work! However, I better get going! PLEASE check out the Simon Says Stamp Challenge - there are so many great examples of how products can be used and different techniques. I'd also love to see what you have to bring to the table!! : D


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