Friday, June 25, 2010

Craving Cricut Cartidges?

Wall Decor and More
Prepare yourselves, everyone, I'm about to gush about a few of our products!!! We just received Wall Decor and More from Cricut Cartridge. Just in case you didn't know, Cricut Cartridge is a company that makes personal electronic cutters - all you need is a Cricut Personal Electric Cutter and a Cartridge and you cut tons of designs and alphabets for paper crafting, home decor, scrapbooking, and more!! I highly recommend that you check out the video just to see some examples of the cool things you can make with Wall Decor and More - the name really doesn't lie; there is SO much that you can do with this one! I could definitely see Wall Decor and More being perfect for a little girl's room because of the castles and crowns, or a little boy's room because of the sailboat, but it could also work for a neutral kids' room because of the giraffe and the other animals. There is even a teapot image that could be used for a little get together invitation and a cute telephone (yes, it has a cord attached like the "old days" before cordless and cell phones!) that could be used to make a neat little sign above a home telephone. The toughest question regarding this Cartridge is what to do first!!
I'm also a fan of the Cindy Loo Cartridge - it's neat with the small woodland animals and trees. They have sort of a cutesy feel to them, but I think it'd be perfect for a "just saying hello" kind of card or a camping scrapbook. If you're not so into the cutesy animals, this is still a good Cartridge to get because of the variety of flourishes. It has everything from paisley swirls to leaves and flowers. I think it'd be nice for any scrapbooking/paper project - so many options for finishing touches that will bring a good project up to outstanding status.

Mini Monsters

I know it may seem soon, but it's never too early to start planning for Halloween! Cricut has a new cartridge called Mini Monsters that is terrific for Halloween holidays or monster fanatics : ) It includes layered monsters, ghosts, pumpkins, and other iconic Halloween images like spiders, tombstones, etc. Not to scare anyone, but people have already started buying Halloween- and Christmas-themed products that we have! If you're going to buy any one item for Halloween this year, you should go for Mini Monsters - just look at them and how adorable they are!!

I hate to say it because the summer season is beautiful, but I am wishing for fall-like weather right now. Outside, it is the typical humid Ohio heat - I could really go for some cool weather like we had yesterday!!! Hah...I fit the cliche that people always want what they can't have : ) Enjoy the weather where you are!


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  1. I am torn between Cindy Loo and the MOnsters for my favorite. I don't have boy, and the mosters seem more boy like, but they are sooo cute.

  2. The Cindy Loo cart is so cute! Thanks for sharing :)! *hugs* Steph :)

  3. Wow that Cindy Loo is adorable. If only I had a cricuit!

  4. aww i love them all but i really love Cindy loo best xx

  5. I'm loving the new carts. I have Cindy Loo and it is adorable. I'd love Wall Art.


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