Friday, June 11, 2010

Do You Like Coffee?

Java Jumpers
The other day while picking products for orders, Reba stopped me and said that she thought of something cool for me to blog about: COFFEE! It's really perfect because I'm a complete coffee addict. I love everything about it - the smell, the look, the taste, the caffeine!! Me - really coffee obsessed. I personally do not care for sodas or energy drinks, but I'm hardly seen without a cup of coffee in my hand (unless it's late at night and I need to get to bed!). I think it's an awesome excuse to get together with a friend, too. Can't seem to find time to see that old friend who you used to be really close with? Only have a 45 minute window in between appointments? Want to meet with someone, but already ate lunch? Go for coffee! House Mouse has this stamp called Java Jumpers that is not only cute, but also pretty hilarious. Sometimes I feel like those mice after too many cups (like now...hehe).

The truth is, I have not always been crazy about coffee. I have always liked the smell, but when I was younger I thought the taste was revolting. The tables have turned, though! I like pretty much all kinds of coffee that I've tried, and I'm a fan of the Coffee and Tea clear stamps by Crafty Secrets. Aren't they cute? I like that the sentiments are humorous and true. For example, there is a chance that I fit into the category of "coffee-zilla." I think it'd be really fun to have a little coffee get together with friends. With "the way things are" these days, it's hard to throw an entire brunch get together for friends - coffee and tea could be a neat way to bring people together without going into the deep end, so to speak. I also believe that coffee is a better way to get to know someone than going to lunch - there's no chewing involved so you can learn more about the other person!

Coffee Cup
Eyelet Outlet has some really cute Coffee Cup brads that would be a nice addition to any coffee brunch invitation or anything else coffee-, tea-, or hot chocolate-themed! I really like the blue ones especially : )

It is already Friday and coffee has gotten me through another exciting week! This is going to sound corny and cliche - something I hate to do - but it's true: time really does fly when you're having fun. Well, my hazelnut-flavored coffee is brewed and cooling off in my coffee cup (I have issues with trying to drink it before it's cooled down - Ouch!), and I have some projects to work on, so I am going to sign off for the day.

Have a terrific weekend - try something new!!
Your Coffee-loving Friend, Sarah

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  1. Ok don't drop on the floor but I really am not a coffee person... UNTIL McDonald's came out with those Carmel Frappes.. OH Those are soooooooooo good.. and then I tried the ice coffee.. (reg.) and oh yumo.. go figure! Happy Weekend to you!

  2. Couldn't resist getting in touch, as my alter ego is so right there with's coffee that keeps me going. I like your post 'a Latte'
    Stamps look good too, x

  3. Oh I love my coffee too - I do drink far too much though, at least 8 cups a day !!!!

    Love those HM Java Jumping - fab!!


  4. awwww! the stamp is adorable, and i love crafty secrets and everything they do, but those EYELETS! MUST HAVE! love love love 'em!

    and i'm with you on the smell, taste, look, feel and caffeine of it. i'm a big fan (when it's done right!) :)

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