Saturday, June 12, 2010

Heart Warming Story - Tim Holtz' Newest Fan

Who is that cutie pie?

Her name is Tori and if you have a sec, I'd like to share a sweet story with you.

Tori's mom is Tiffany. Tiffany is our customer service Director at Simon Says Stamp. We love Tiff, and Tiff shares in our passions for all things paper art. In fact, at home Thursday night, Tiff was watching some of the Tim Holtz' "how to" demo videos with little Tori. ( The vids are really awesome - Tim is charismatic, easy to follow and has really fun and cool techniques.) Inspiring! So inspiring that Tori fell in love and NEEDED to do these things too! The videos made things come to life for little Tori and she is HOOKED! Tiffany came into work Friday and told me Tori totally wants to do some Tim Holtz projects at her 9th birthday party coming up. AWESOME! I was so excited to hear another artist coming out of her shell! She wanted to start with the alcohol ink /splatter spray can technique from the demo below.

We loaded Tiff up with supplies for Tori JUST YESTERDAY.

Tiffany texted me this morning to see if she could stop by the office. I was on my way... perfect. She had Tori with her and Tori wanted to show what she made with the Tim Holtz goodies from JUST YESTERDAY! The whole family (even in-laws) were at Tori's house last night practicing and perfecting the Splatter technique. Tiffany said it was a blast. I could tell by the look on shy little Tori's face and her excited little voice that she was bursting with excitement.

Above is a picture of Tori just outside our Simon office showing the beautiful piece of art she made and gave to me. My heart is warmed.

This is what it is all about folks! Not just making art, but sharing and creating. It's food for the soul and what a beautiful thing that Tim Holtz is inspiring our children to make art with us! Thank you Tori! Thank you Tiff! Thank you Tim!

Have a delightful weekend,

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  1. awwwww this is the most beautiful child and how wonderful that you were able to share this with us she sure has made a wonderful piece of art with this technique bless her i must get some of these inks and give it a try for myself xx

  2. Way to go, Tori! Your art is gorgeous, and I can't wait to see what else you create!

  3. Love this story! Thanks for sharing.

  4. well my boy Jack who is 10 thought boys didnt do arty crafty stuff until i showed him Tim Holtz, now he is fighting to get on my pc to watch Tim's demos, he loves his new book and if i cant find it in my craft room chances are he has it in his bedroom.

  5. Excellent job Tori- keep up the crafting and have fun at your upcoming birthday :)

  6. you're never too young to love tim

  7. Gorgeous creation Tori ! I love the colours you used and the very cute Anya stamp ,,, perfect :-) I am sure your party will be brilliant and THE best 9th Birthday party EVER !! :-)

    Keep on crafting !! you are very talented ,, Tim will be proud of you I am sure :-)

    Lols x x x


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