Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sizzlin' Sizzix Summer Stuff!!

Ice Pop Card
So I was on a supply trip to the store today and when I came back, I was greeted by a lovely surprise - supplies!! There was a pile of new Sizzix Dies for me to put away! If you are not familiar with these dies, I'm going to recommend that you meet them - they are fabulous because they can cut through "a variety of thick materials, including cardstock, chipboard, fabric, foam, magnet, leather, metallic foil, paper and sandpaper (in limited use)." At this point in time, I understand your astonishment - you may be saying to yourself "Leather?! They cut through leather?!" It's true. These dies are practically made for an infomercial. If you're like me, the Ice Pop Card reminds you of your childhood. Popsicles were a special treat for us, and I remember loving the option of either eating the double popsicle or attempting to break it in half and share it with a friend. It kinda seemed like either way you ate it, about 15% would melt down the stick and onto your hands or shirt.

The only practical solution after the popsicle melts all over you is... the pool! We had this small, plastic baby pool when we were younger that we would fill up with the garden hose. It was fun and refreshing, even though the water was breathtakingly cold at first. If we ever felt like actually swimming under water, we were less than two blocks away from the public pool. I remember how the cement scorched feet whenever we needed to make the journey from the chairs to the pool - flip flops were always a plus. And so, I'll now introduce the Flip Flop Card die (also by Sizzix). I really think this is adorable and, obviously, it brings back memories : ) As the picture suggests, it can be used for a pool party invite, but it could also work as a girl's spa day invitation (think pedicure!). Speaking of having nails done...I need to get on home so that I can paint mine! Have a lovely evening!

Oh - one more thing before I go, check out the Sizzix Big Shot Machine - it's what these dies need in order to be cut. A little extra bonus: this machine also works with other dies!! WAHOOOOO!!

Also, feel free to take a peek at some other Sizzix items below!!

*Sizzix CIRCLES Bigz Die
*Sizzix CIRCLES Bigz Die
Price: $19.99
*Sizzix OVALS Bigz Die
*Sizzix OVALS Bigz Die
Price: $19.99

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  1. these are fab...my sizzix machine is my pride and joy...my favourite crafting gadget!!

  2. What fab new dies. I love my Sizzix Machine and wouldn't be without it EVER !!!!



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