Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tattered Angels!!!

Dear Readers,
Attention: Simon Says Stamp has new product from Tattered Angels!! For example, the Adventure color kit!! Each color kit comes with three shades of glimmer mist plus a clear coat! While packing an order this morning, I came across a color kit and remarked that it was not only cute, but a great way to get to get to know Glimmer Mists! I've been working to get to know these products a little bit better and have found out some really neat facts!

For example, there are three basic techniques for using Glimmer Mists:
1.) the light/even mist, created by holding the bottle back from your project (depending on how light you want the mist, hold closer or farther away)
2.) the raindrop effect, created by holding Glimmer Mist closer to your project and very slowly squeezing down on the sprayer
3.) the pooling effect, created by holding the Glimmer Mist very close to your project (this one gives the most intense color)
I've got to be honest here - I'm a big fan of the Tattered Angels Clear Stamps. The one shown at the right is called Seaside Coastal Breeze and I'm in love with it because of the flourishes! I like that they're not too showy, but they add a bit of flair to projects. I would recommend using Archival Ink for glimmer mist projects because then your image will not blur or become wishy-washy. Archival Ink is AMAZING for this type of project or any where you want the image to stay crisp and defined.

Timeless Romance Glimmer Screens
As you can see in the video, some Tattered Angels stamps have matching stencils to help users achieve certain shimmer patterns! This is exciting because sometimes I feel like I get stuck in a creative rut (or my ideas are bigger than my abilities) and it's always nice to have something to fall back on that you know will work : ) The Glimmer Screens are great because not only do they help with highlighting the coordinating stamps, but they can also be used on their own with chalks, paints, or other inks! Glimmer Mists are water-based so they are not water-resistant, but this also means that they will not stain clothing...it may take a few washes, but I haven't had any disasters where Glimmer Mist didn't come out of my clothes. Fun fact that I learned: Glimmer Mist washes off of skin best with shampoo!
I like that the Tattered Angels mists are so versatile. I've seen them used on flowers for a fresh, dewy look. They dry instantly on wood. The mists stick to metal and glass. They can be used on plastic for a stained glass effect. You can let them air dry, blot it dry with a paper towel, or use a heat source like the super quiet Heat It Craft Tool from Ranger. Want to know a cool trick that I learned from a watercolor class? Use clear cling wrap (like saran wrap) over wet watercolors - or in this case, a small pool of glimmer mist - and crinkle it up to your satisfaction. Make the wrap loose so that some air can gradually get in and let it dry. When it's dry (it may take a few hours to a few days depending on how damp it is), peel off the wrap and observe the really cool wrinkled look left behind!! Some of the paint or mist color will end up darker in various areas, but I think it looks pretty impressive. To make sure that the crinkled look stays, you wouldn't want to use anything watery afterward. I think the Graceful Journey clear stamp by Tattered Angels would look cool with the crinkle effect - it might end up looking a little like sky, but could also just be some added texture : )

Well now, it's nearing the end of the day for me so I'd best be on my way! Play around and have fun!!

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  2. OOOHHH, thank you for posting the video! i love my Glimmer Mists, and am determined to PERFECT the spritzing techniques. can never have too many crafty ideas!


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