Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wendy Vecchi is MAKING ART!

Hey there everybody!

We at Simon Says Stamp are pumped about the new Wendy Vecchi stamps. As you may know, our Vintage Stamp & Show Challenge and Simon Says Challenge Design Teams also love Wendy Vecchi's stamps. She has one of our favorite blogs - it's filled with ideas - surprises - and personality! Wendy is a cool chick!

Here are some examples of the fabulous things you can do with 'em!

And a second example & set:

And now the 3rd example:

Wendy used tons of new art parts and NEW (soon to be released!) art parts and idea-ology to make this:

Wendy also has created and developed the most fabulous line of ART PARTS! and oober cool CLEARLY FOR ART!

Art parts are blank, kraft-colored, pre-cut pieces made from a superior quality composite material nd ready to alter. Much thicker than chipboard, these parts can be use to make art to keep or to make art to give away and the art will last a lifetime. The surface holds ink like a dream

These strong, sturdy components measure 1/8" thick.

You can stamp them, stain them, alter them - make great things for your home and office....oh the possibilities are amazing! Seriously folks, check out Wendy's blog if you are looking for ideas, inspiration, and a GOOD TIME!

Are you excited yet??? Here are a few of the other Pre-Order sets!

Check out the Wendy Vecchi category at Simon Says Stamp for more of her work!!

She also sells books to teach and inspire!

Have a fantastic weekend!!
-Sarah & Heidi

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  1. Love Wendy's work .... going to be an expensive year!
    Sandra ltb

  2. I totally agree about Wendy's blog, her creativity, and of course, her humor! Just love her to pieces!

  3. I found Wendy through your store and blog and it's changed my "ART". Thank you!

  4. This looks awesome, and I agree with Sandra, it already looks like, it´s going to be a very expensive year with all the stunning releases, we get everywhere just now, so maybe we should go and get another job to pay for all of it? he he he

  5. Uh Oh - I feel a spend coming on. These are fab. x

  6. I have never seen Wendy's stuff before but I really like what I've seen so far :)

  7. Great work Wendy---headed over now to check out your blog

  8. Wow, these are fabulous ... definately works of art!

  9. Art Parts sound intriguing. Will have to try them in my shopping cart. What's the best glue with them?

  10. Awesome stamps - I wish I was more 'arty'

  11. I've been eyeing her stuff for quite awhile now. Glad to hear you will be stocking it.


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