Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tim Holtz NEW 2011 Mini CLEAR STAMP SETS!

Many of you may know that Tim Holtz was on QVC UK today and all last night? One of the many items Tim featured on LIVE TV included a mini clear stamp set. When we say mini, we don't mean that the set is mini...just the stamps. The stamps included are MINI Versions of his larger stamps whereas the Set itself measures 6 inches by 4 inches and is LOADED with stamp value. These mini sized stamps give you loads more possibilities for Artist Trading Cards (ATC's), cards, decorating configuration boxes, and so many other art projects!

Simon Says Stamp
strives (AND I MEAN WORKS VERY HARD!) To be your ONE STOP SHOP for everything Tim Holtz......so we wanted to get some MINI stamps for YOU too! Although we could not get the QVC UK Exclusive sets (just yet... ;) tee hee) we were able to secure some other exclusive stamps that were made just for a USA Retail Chain of stores.

With that said, we have a VERY LIMITED stock of these hot little numbers! So don't wait, if you want them, be sure to buy them now ;) If you want to view ALL Of Tim's Stamps, CLICK HERE! We stock wood, cling, and clear!

Sidenote: If you would like to see (BTS) Behind the Scenes action of Tim on his travels...be sure to follow Mariojrossi on twitter! He gets all of the best footage!

Mini Stamps in set FRENCH CONNECTION

Mini Stamps in Set CITY CENTRAL

Mini Stamps in Set NATURE's ELEMENTS

Mini stamps in set PLAYFUL JOURNEY

Mini stamps in set PURELY RANDOM

Mini Stamps in Set ARTFUL THINGS

I'm dead serious folks, we have a VERY LIMITED supply of these...so don't wait. Once we sell out, we will do our best to get more asap!

Have a great journey!!


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  1. great news! one is better another one - veru difficult choice!

  2. Oh these are great! too bad my bank statement is sending a biiig "nonono" with regards to new orders *lol*
    I envy all of you getting to play with them! *smile*
    Oh well, have to remain positive...more time to decide which one (yeah right) to chose *lol*


  3. These are beautiful! I love any & every thing TH!

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