Sunday, May 15, 2011

How's the Weather?

Small talk is great sometimes. As usual, I've been hearing a lot about the weather. It rained for almost a month and a half straight. Maybe there were 3 partially sunny days intermixed. Now the rain has stopped and a full-on heat wave has taken its place! The duckies are thrilled : )

All people talk about it how the weather skipped spring and moved to summer. Gorgeous though! Here is a panoramic view just beyond our parking lot at Simon Says Stamp!

Now a few items that will help you ask, "How's the weather?"

Hope the weather is treating you well : )


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  1. I loved the birds serenading you in the parking lot, very serene. TFS ;-)

  2. WAUW what a view you people have there from your parking lot? It looks gorgeous there, and it must be aawesome to work in such an environment? Also the ducks lookedjust cute, and so did all the new stamps and stuff, you showed here. But hopefully we´ll soon get rid of the rain and get some sun here too, LOL
    Have a wonderful week ahead everyone.


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