Saturday, July 16, 2011

Puffies with a Purpose!

It's the weekend! I hope this Saturday is bringing all you readers relaxation and time to complete all of your weekend projects!

Although K.I. Memories Puffies line are just the brightest little additions to cards and scrapbooks, you better believe they can be used for so much more! Each one has its own spirit about it- whether it creates a little giggle (Zoo or Farm), an "awww!!" (Baby Boy or Baby Girl), inspires a globe-trotting trip (New York, Paris, Las Vegas, or Travel), or is an embellishment to all sports memories (Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer).

Check out some of the gorgeous work from the KI Memories website:

AWW! How sweet is this! The Princess Puffies compliment perfectly just how much this little girl must be cherished!

This wrapped heart wreath is a perfect addition for a present for that special someone! Perhaps it could be a little reminder to someone you admire just how much you care. If you make it, the Love You Puffies will do the talkin'!

If you're like me, it's difficult to keep gardens or indoor plants around for awhile no matter how hard you try. What a great gift or way to brighten up a room with this Red Blooms, Pink Blooms, Yellow Blooms, and Bright Flowers Puffies bouquet!

What little girl (or older girl ;) ) wouldn't love waking up to this lamp on every morning! The Flutter Pink Puffies accent a normally plain shade and turn it into a designer, fun accessory!

Summer will still be lasting for awhile, but then during the winter months summer dreams dance in our heads. This bracelet is just a great reminder of fresh air and sunshine! The Picnic Puffies make me want to do just what they're named for!

You know those photographs you have of friends and family? And the picture has captured them just how you'd always want to remember them? This layout with the Happy Days Puffies is a great way to showcase a photograph that does just that!

I have been known to forget my lunch a time or two (just an excuse to eat out, right?!), but with friendly Fruity Puffies reminders like this- who could just walk out the door past these guys??

I am just in love with all the ways you can use Puffies and how much more bright, funny, cute, and special they can make projects- big and small- in your life!
Enjoy the day, and hope you have a great Sunday tomorrow!

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