Sunday, August 14, 2011

Can't You Just PICTURE That Sound?!

Hello! Happy Sunday everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend and is able to relax before the week starts all over again!

Today I want to share this REALLY cool product with you! It's from a company called Picture That Sound- and their product helps you do just that! It's a way to scrapbook with sound and not just visual images! Pair sound with pictures of your life's most important events. If a picture is worth "a thousand words", imagine what a sound is worth! Each set comes with two differently styled rectangles for multiple uses!

This set is Any Occasions and is perfect for an addition to cards, any type of scrapbook page, or to play inside of a frame. You could design the blank space, and then it's not only showing off your creative edge, but your favorite sound memories too!

This Any Occasions inspiration is on the light blue piece, and works perfectly to capture a cute Santa moment! Wouldn't this be great to send in a card to Grandparents?!

The Birthday set seems to fit right in with the idea of remembering special voices or sounds. It would be great to capture a shocked and excited scream at a birthday party, or well wishes to the lucky birthday star!

How cute was this Birthday piece decorated?! I love the addition of the candles! What a great memory to record of family and friends singing Happy Birthday to that little kid pictured- and then they can also go back and listen and feel the love that was there that day!

The Pregnancy and Baby card is my absolute favorite one of this collection, simply because of how they did this inspiration! I've always heard it's so magical the first time you hear a heartbeat when you're pregnant- why not record it to keep and share?! The addition of the ultrasound picture and little sentiment with date is just so great!

Besides those three sets, Picture That Sound also has a Boy theme, a Girl theme, a Performance theme (to record a first or last recital?!), and a Wedding theme (to record a special toast and then insert into a card for the bride and groom?!). I think that these pieces really think outside of the box and will be a great addition to any memory keeping project!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Wow, what a great idea! Wish the cards came blank on the front though. I don't do well with 'fitting' my design into something.

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