Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Luckiest Mom in All of the World...I Think?!

Do you have any experience with potty training? I have zero, zilch, nadda! But I'd love to share my toilet story with you if you'll allow me to bend your ear! (Note: this does not pertain to our dog Simon, but our little boy)

Lately, he has taken to stripping. Do you know what I mean? Just tearing off all of his clothes - sometimes diaper too - and streaking through the house. Ok, I admit, it was cute at first. It's different now. Now the neighbors think we are lunatics while grandma thinks we need to be better "role models" (what does that mean anyway? It's not like I streak through the house, seriously grandma, I PROMISE I am not a streaker!)

It's not just the stripping. Last week, first thing in the morning while still in his crib, he took off his jammies (they even button AND zip, but he still got 'em off!) .....and also got the diaper off too. THE POOPY DIAPER! AAAHHHH!!!! Stinky, nasty, smelly, and dirty as it was, HE LOVED IT. OH NO! What's a mom to do? ONESIE! ? Yes, yes, I started putting him in onesies under everything. That lasted about 4 whole days, because it didn't take him long to figure out how to get that thing off too.

So today, he was pulling his pants off for the hundredth time. As I started to say "PLEASE NO!", he said, "potty". ???????? I thought..... "What?????!!!?" Ok, I am a first time mom. He is 19 months old. I am behind the 8 ball here because I haven't even read that chapter in my books yet. It has never even occurred to me to put him on a toilet. Did I mention that he purposely pees on me when I change his diaper. Oh yes, it is on purpose. As soon as I lie him on the floor, he gets that sneaky grin. Immediately after I open his diaper he likes to give me a nice little shower followed by a SO PROUD Of himself smile and giggle. (it's hard not to laugh, did I create this monster habit?) It's like a juggling act, holding legs, blocking the stream, wiping, getting on a fresh diaper... Moms...you must know what I mean!?

After he said "potty", my response was "do you have to go potty?" He ran his pantless little body straight to the bathroom, pulled the stepstool from the sink and moved it to the toilet. I was shocked, because this is a behavior that we have neither taught him, nor showed him. He climbed onto the toilet and I gave a helping hand with the rest of his diaper. Next thing you know, he did his business. ONE AND TWO! *wink

Hubby came home and we immediately went to the store to buy a potty seat. Thinking maybe it was a fluke, we asked him as soon as we got home if he had to go "potty". After heading straight to the bathroom, he made good use of his brand new potty seat.

My sister is an experienced mom and tells me it's a fluke. He'll probably forget about it all tomorrow. I am a bit bewildered at it all. Sad too because he is my baby. I guess not for much longer...... Now what do I do?

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  1. hahahaha I am no MOM I have no experience I can not even raise my dog well ;) hahaha but you did gave a good wake up laugh ;)

    hugs Ria

  2. He's a clever boy, this is no fluke !! Sean was potty trained at 18 months and although I used to still put a nappy on him at night he never soiled it and after a month I never used them again. Put ordinary panties on him and every hour take him to the potty, time consuming but worth it :-)
    He obviously doesn't like 'doing' it in a nappy, that's why he's taking it off !!!

    Clever boy :-)

    Lorraine x

  3. Aww if he is doing all this he def understands..dont let it be a fluke take him (or let him take you)to the potty!he is a very smart kid and very much on his way being potty trained..By the way he is so adorable!!

  4. Ok as your neighbor I am pretty sure your kid is from another planet! He is such a great kid and now THIS? See good things do come to good people ;).

    I say just keep asking him if he needs to go potty and worry about it when he stops going to the toilet. Why fix the"perfect" situation. I would buy him pull ups and let him go! Although I never had pee in the face,(for obvious reasons) I did get peed on and giggled at too. Since it has been a VERY long time, I may not be the best advice giver! As far as the "streaking" goes, I say enjoy it! The next thing you know he we be dressing himself and won't want you in his room at all! Good luck~

  5. OMG!!! You are so lucky! Take advantage of this, he will be out of diapers in no time. Is he in a daycare or with older boys, sometimes kids see older one using the toilet and want to copy. PS he may be your baby but you can always have another one. let him grow up.

  6. LOL! That's a good sign, boys usually take much longer. He's a cutie!

  7. This is definitely NOT a fluke. You have and very bright and industrious boy (adorable too). Go with it Mommy. Let him take you to the potty, get him pull ups and enjoy! As for the streaking...some kids just enjoy the feel (and the reaction). My DS is almost six...and I have to MAKE him wear clothes.

  8. You are the luckiest Mom! Hopefully, he will stick with it. It took my boys until they were three. We finally, just let them run around naked in the house. They made them want to make it to the bathroom. What a smartie pants your son is to get it already!

  9. I say he is probably ready, lucky you! I agree with asking him frequently if he has to go and you might even try a reward system to help him stay interested. It worked for my kids!

  10. Well, at least he's not waking you up at 5 in the morning, and hitting you over the head with his potty and shouting "Off off off!!" as my 14month daughter did! (she couldn't undo her baby grow but wouldn't wear a nightie (It even got to the point were we had to cut the feet off the baby grow! Well done, now he's started there'll be no stopping him!! (PS My daughter's now married and expecting her own baby!)


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